3rd Season New Environment

Back again for my 3rd season. Last season was a success. I yielded almost 1/2 pound from an auto Sour Diesel. Then I was robbed lost everything while burying my dad. I was able to retrieve some of my grow room and the tent has holes. So I purchased tear aid and mended it I then setup 6 5gals in my 5’x5’ more plants coming. In the moment I have a HPS 600w 4 clip fans. 2 attached to light and 2 mounted. 1 humidifier. 1 8” carbon filter. A exhaust fan and a fan for the carbon filter. I am at 82 degrees 38% humidity. I want to get the temp at a comfortable 78 and I’m comfortable with the humidity. Any other suggestions? image|375x500


I look forward to watching these grow! Happy growing!

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