3rd round (2nd round of kindsoil) just dropped a nl, tangerine dream, cheeseberry and c4!

And what’s that lux app called and is it fairly accurate?

With the distance from light to floor with these new lights if they fall the lens will take the impact , probably wont shatter but will crack. It’s atleast a quarter inch thick , also the plants will break the lights fall for any light if you are growing indoors for the most half .yeah see all that shit I dont like to deal with , rebar and welding , and cutting I’m very proficient in but not something I prefer to spend my free time doing . Dont get me wrong I do like to build stuff but with lights and stuff I’d rather just buy em pre assmbled or qb kits.

Its par meter from the google play store. It seems pretty accurate for the most part . I’m (we I guess) are just waiting on the gods input . @dbrn32 what’s the word ? He may be asleep now.

Thsts cool had no idea that was a ailble I remember when the scale app c as me out and you had to balance the phone on some shit lol someone gained and and someone lost when buying with those doods weighing lol

Short answer is no. Even if you technically had skills to do it, you would know introducing different leds would change voltage and current balance. You would want to build with monos on 20mm stars to do that.

Well everyone I have to that looks like they are beginning to finish up nicely…the diesel and chocolate skunk…

and this purple kush looks like she may be a helluva girl…


Beautiful pictures bro. They look great :slight_smile:

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Purple kush that’s another one I’d like to get my hands on got 3 purple strains 1 on the way 2 are growing and 1 is seeding would be nice to add another …sherbalato was very purple in the bag

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Thanks fellas , I tell you what I did the blackberry kush last round , from fastbuds 420 and man it grew great. Man talk about bag appeal and smoke was smoother than honeydew vine water. It was a absolute pima at first but after she got on track she was so easy.

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What made her give you trouble was it in kind soil as well?

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She grew super fast , which isnt a bad thing but she went thru the kind soil pretty fast there at the end . It still had enough to carry her all the way out but she was just a hungry plant at the beginning.

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Well got another 2 ladies who are going to see the backs of their eyelids for about 3 days. This little chocolate skunl…

and this nyc diesel they are stacked that’s for sure and trichs are 15%amber . See you guys after the dark period !


Very nice @Ncgreenthumber…that’s gonna be some tasty smoke lol

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Thanks @Gremmall I’m really excited for this stuff to finish .

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Well I forgot the update 2 days ago but the diesel and choc skunk got the chop and are now drying. Happy growing everyone . Still have 7 more autos in the tent and started 2 more and even dropped a cheese fem photo from dinafem seeds. Should be a exciting grow.


You can’t really tell from the first pic of the diesel but she is definitely a qp plant after dry and cure !


Looks nice! I love the smell of a diesel plant!


Same here brother , you can just smell a diesel pump as soon as you get within 10 ft of it . Lol


Well heres a little update pic of the tent, have a few more girls finishing up as well …


Anyone able to tell me if this seeds a dud or not , I’ve never seen one without the second inner leaves when it sprouts ???