3rd indoor grow Starting 9/13

Wow that’s huge, very cool.

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Definitely seen it many times… that’s dope af now Ima tell my family n they ain’t gonna believe me lmao


Hahaha, cool!! I was hoping someone recognized it :grin: I’d love to know how the convo with your family would go… “yeah, he’s actually a stoner” :rofl:


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Here they are on day 46. 10/14 They seem to be recovering from issues. Still have 20" or so to the top of NL. The stretch on NL doesn’t seem as bad (as far as nodes) as the one GG but they’re slightly taller. I don’t that GG is going to be a big producer. You win some, you lose some I guess

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Went thru that airport 2 many times coming home from leave or something. Now a days it’s completely different with all the construction. It’s actually bigger

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I haven’t been through there in years. I don’t even know if it’s still there. I heard there was alot of remodeling and construction. I was worried the first couple years it was gonna just peel off from the weight of each panel. I think each one weighed like 65lbs :rofl::rofl: I think the sales guy freaked when he got the bill for shipping 6100lbs to NY. He didn’t realize what it would weigh. It has apparently stood the test of time. No one ever called and complained haha

Completely different now they finishing jfk now and still doing la Guardia

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@Nicky HA! Photone app works on daughters phone :grin::wink:



And? How did it work out


Well using sunlight for 18hrs… the max dli, about 6" from light, at 100% is 37.5… (I have a really bright flashlight I can use to hit 60 from an inch so the sensor is working)

It kinda makes sense for a 450w light i guess. But you wouldn’t think it would burn. I know it wasn’t from heat. It was 32" away… ?

When my daughter is around longer, I’ll play around more. The highest dli your chart shows is 45ish…

Right now its at 50% intensity (12.5 DLI at canopy average) Im going to start increasing it in a couple days once the tops are a little further along

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Your lights not 450w then what’s its true Wattage.
My chart goes to 50 DLI, max is 60 thoigu after 60 lights no longer use full without co2
I would give seedling 12 DLI but within a week I would be at 15-20 and by three or four weeks I would want it much higher for the majority of the grow.

Also I try to keep 8" or more from light much prefer 12"

Here is my chart

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It’s an sf4000 but says it draws 454w from outlet

This grow i stayed 32" away as long as I could. Previous grow i tried to stay 18-24". I didn’t know if heat was the problem which is why I stayed so far away this time. Are you saying I could let tips get as close to light as 8 or12"?

I don’t know what caused my issues this time but reducing intensity seemed to stop it from expanding, but I know a couple have scars and maybe permanent damage. I had a GSC last grow that experienced same issues at transition and never really grew well after ans never matures. Every time I turn them back up the issue returns. The humidity in my area went up lately. Some times overnight, it increases to into the 70s but comes down when the lights turn on. Usually i have to run a humidifier to keep it above 40%

I cranked up my exhaust fan full blast. Should be at 390cu/min…

So the redline is you on your chart?

Did you see one person on here said they had problems over 50% with Gorilla? Same light as me

With modern LED’s plants can ALMOST touch them and be okay. Anything within 8" you risk light burn ide say roughly speaking. But I’ve had mine maybe 4 inches away and the worst I get is bad fox tails.

I mean for sure read your plants but I don’t understand why that issue would be happen g but I did see that same issue on the other post where me and drb talked about it. Seems odd…
Hmm spider farmers are actually not that bad and yes the sf4000 is a 400w led but your DLI on that thing should be able to get pretty decent… It’s got the power.

If your daughters phone was a android remember it doesn’t need a diffuser and set it to sunlight mode, if it’s apple it needs a sheet of regular printer paper across the camera.

The redline is my adjustment to the chart yes, this is a general idea remember not exact because plants grow different and environments make plants react differently. However its a good rule of thumb

And just because I think I know why there is a difference, I’ll share. :wink:

I believe the iPhone uses the front camera as the light sensor, and I think Androids have a separate light sensor.

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I believe you are correct because my android has a flash, a camera and a light sensor up front… Also a speaker and a tiny little something that is circle but not sure what it is unless its duel light sensor.

Android always has the better technology though
After the iPhone 3gs Apple fel behind but such a huge fan base.


Work pays for mine. So mine’s an iPhone. When I retire, I may switch. My kid loves her Android, I’ve never really used one, since work has been paying for mine since the original iPhone came out.


Totally makes sence ide use any freephone lol.

It took me 2-3 weeks to get use to my android but I love it and can’t go back.

Alot of work places use apples due to security and warranty.

Androids are more open, more like a computer which means it gives alot more freedom…
They are just designed different.
Apple loves control and android is an open source design.

I used to use this



My first mobile phone was a bag phone. You could only use it in your vehicle.


I used those lots at work because of our remoteness for years until they started putting mobiles in our trucks and now they don’t even give anyone a phone we just all use our own lol. They give us a tax slip though.

I’ve never been this close :laughing: it does crank out some heat, but yeah I grew once with a 400w MH and no ventilation They got within a foot at least without problems

Weirdest thing the tips twisted and you see the bottoms of the leaf. If you untwist it, it’s perfectly green. No brown at all.

That first time I checked HF soil ppm it was under 300. I’ve been giving them your 2 week mkp mix whichtakes it up to 1100 or so. Then the next time I feed it’s back down under 300…

The research I did pretty much pointed to nutes or lack of… causing the problem So I’ve definitely been feeding them. The weird twisting and seemingly stunted growth was before and after beginning nutes.

I reduced the intensity when after a couple days, the feeding didn’t help. A couple seemed to stop growing, (the 2 in front of whole tent pic above) the other 3 (1GG 2NL) stretched. Now with the intensity at 50% and regular feeding the 2 short are slowly recovering. The other 3 are growing fine if you want stretch :rofl: But they don’t show the twisting tips anymore. I guess I was gonna wait a couple more days for the buds to start forming a little better and start raising intensity. By then I should be on the slightly pumped up flowering mix so maybe that will help. I know I need to get more light going soon

It’s a Galaxy 10. Haven’t been using a diffuser. The photone app said you use the front camera i think but I don’t have the phone right now to check. Maybe I’ll install the LUX app you used and waveform’s conversion to see what it says and compare

That’s what I thought when I bought it. It’s the low range LED type light of the LED light class you want to be in

I think I asked this before, but do you think I should be in 5 gallon bags instead of 3? Would that help supply more nutes the plants can use?

Dude, im sorry for the novel… This issue is driving me nuts :laughing:. I bet there’s a simple solution so I’m trying to give you all the information I can. Im running out of ideas

I reeaally appreciate all your help. It’s impressive how many topics you’re in and how many you’ve helped. Thanks

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