3rd indoor grow Starting 9/13

So I’m show some progression photos. I haven’t done a journal yet so be nice lol

Here’s the basics

  • What strain 3 Gorilla Glue and 2 Northern Lights

  • Seed bank ILGM

  • Method: Organic soil, FF Happy Frog

  • Vessels: 3 gallon bags

  • PH of Water, Solution, runoff: using 6.3ph water, declorinated

  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable. Haven’t checked runoff yet. Will start adding nutes when ppm drops under 800

  • Indoor 5x5 tent

  • Light system : spider farmer sf4000

  • Temps; ave 72°f

  • Humidity; varies… low 40 high 70% controlled with humidifier

  • Ventilation system; Yes 6" with inline fans 390cu ft/min

  • Co2; No

*plan to use Jack’s 3,2,1 once ppm was under 1000, but it’s only been in happy frog 2 weeks. Solo cup was half HF half Promix

Have used Jack’s bloom 1st 2 grows but going to try monopotasium phosphate 0 52 35 this time. Idk… I might chicken out

Really good luck so far. Started 5 seeds by soaking 12 hrs. Then went to exposed paper towel on a saucer with bottled spring water. All 5 popped within 48hrs

Planted in solo cups HF/Promix 50/50 under 2 2’ t5 bulbs 8/29

Transplanted to 3 gallon bags at 2 weeks 1 day
9/13 and put in tent at 25% intensity



Today 9/24

I’ll try to keep this updated… more to come

All comments, tips, ideas, criticism etc. welcomed


Nice set up and healthy looking plants.

Happy growing set 2 watch


thanks :blush:

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Great start. I’ll tag along. Happy growing!


thanks :blush: @Newt


I am just a week +/- behind you with my second grow. I will tag along if that’s Ok!!

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Hell yeah, Absolutely!!

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Thanks, I had a cool gif but it won’t let me post it lol

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Looks like they’re off to a great start, happy n healthy :grinning: good node spacing


You will absolutely need mpk come your first 3 weeks of flower
I use Jacks 222 and 1.2/ g per gal Mpk for the first 3 weeks after flip then back to jacks 321
Off to a good start
Good luck and happy growing :+1:


Cool, I got that tip from another guy here that was more than helpful.

The mix ratios were a little different but close to same. He said add the mkp last when mixing then ph

He also explained i could use a little extra mag with high dli to avoid intensity burn. I’ll see how it goes

Thanks for the reply and info. Im learning more each grow


9/26 4 weeks today

Still doing ok. The northern lights, middle back and right front, are stretching a little more than the gorilla glue. But not horrible yet. I have the lights at 30" and intensity at 70%. 30" is high but last grow i burnt them at “26 because they can grow so fast. When I check tomorrow, clearance will be 28”

Going to start selectively removing some sun leaves to expose inner branches

Haven’t added nutes yet, only 6.5ph declorinated tap water

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Nice ladies they definitely will stretch up more good call on the light height and happy growing

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Thanks you too :seedling: :sunglasses:

Here it’s 31 days and time for a mild defoliation.

I took about 1/3 of the largest shade leaves that had finished growing. I left a couple larger ones at the top… I debated with myself. I really wanted to take them, but they are still growing.

They’re probably a week or so away from transition to flowering. I’ll probably do a more aggressive trim at about 6 weeks and the final trim at 8 weeks. At least that’s the plan.

I tried to get decent before and after photos but they’re not real great. Some it’s hard to tell i did much and others just look different from different photo angles

9/29 before and after

9/29 gorilla glue

9/29 Northern lights

9/29 gorilla glue

I did all 5 but these 3 show what I did the best and you get the idea

Not a big deal, but it opens up some spots and let’s a little light in hopefully with as little stress as possible at this point

Still around 50-60% rh and have the intensity of the sf4000 at 70%. Will raise to 80% next feeding or two depending on ppm (still no nutes at this point but soon)

Once transition to flowering is complete ill drop intensity to 40% and introduce mkp to the mix and increase to 100% gradually. Only 100% last 2 weeks or so. Idk… that’s the plan


Nice job :clap:

Happy growing

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Recovering nice



Day 34 It looks like the stretch has started. See all the new branches popping out since removing some shade leaves. Starting nutes next watering ppm under 800. Im thinking one feeding will jack’s 3 2 1 Then go 2 2 2 1.2 for a few waterings. Idk… this is where I’ve had some problems in the past. I reduced intensity to 75% today and still have 32" space. Not for long though

Party on!

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@dbrn32 @Nicky Hi guys, can you peak in on this time to time? I’d love your input if you see anything. Maybe it’s in the wrong spot since it’s not just a journal but hoping for advise if needed. I kinda wished I would have topped them (FIM) but it’s too late now I think. I did top a gorilla last grow. It was a weird plant. Very leafy buds compared to the ones I didn’t top.