3rd Indoor Grow, First try at Organic Growing

Am a bit late from the start of the grow as I’m at
Day 30

I am concerned about the lack of growth. My first 2 grows were autos in plain potting mix with sim coir and perlite and had reasonable success with decent yields for a first timer. This grow however is a bit different. Am also using a different light to the 600w HPS.Uploading: 7241A596-0A03-457A-99A7-8DB6E7EA89A7.jpeg… Uploading: DD7551AA-4B36-42BA-BF07-2F5A4CB14A69.jpeg… Uploading: 2718D6F7-5C9F-4540-8492-4B0B4A6A0710.jpeg… Uploading: D3A7ACE5-B735-4B90-8891-218C0CFBC99D.jpeg…

Ok so I have a no till compost mix I purchased from an organic gardening shop and mixed that with a nutrient kit that came with it. I mixed that 1:1:1 with Peats moss and perlite.
HLG 550 Full spectrum quantum board
6” exhaust fan
Temp control unit hooked up to fan heater and oscillating fan
2 fixed circulating fans
Programmable humidifier
4x4 tent
6x3gallon pots from The Bucket Company.

Am growing 2xBruce Banner
1xSkywalker OG
2xBlack Widow

Am using rainwater straight from the tank.


Do to the size of the pots i believe the roots are taking off! The plants will soon begin to explode soon! My thoughts. More knowledgeable oinions will follow

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