3rd Grow - with Gelato Auto

Happy July 13th…sunny and 85 and the girls are happy.

Older Gelato at Day 65. 2 younger Gelato’s at Day 44.

Even though they’re the same ‘strain’, from the same seed pack, there’s quite a difference between older the Gelato and her 2 younger sisters in regards to secondary branch development. Older girl Not topped vs younger girls topped at 4th node on day 15. Stalk base thicker on younger girls.
On older plant, the next 2 set of branches below main Bud are compact and close to stalk. Lowest set did branch out more with small but nice buds.
On the Younger girls, the two main branches ( after topping) and the Next lower set are very nice with great secondary growth. Love it.

I believe I kept lights to close to older girl and that kept her shorter than she should have been.

I was seeing some stress to the younger girls, late in the evening, after being back under lights for final 6 hrs after 10 hrs in sun. They were growing like crazy, but I was not adjusting inside lights height accordingly. Hell, they were only 14" away and I raised to 28"
I changed watering schedule on the younger girls from 1 gallon every 3rd morning to 1.5L every morning, beginning 3 days ago. They were too dry by the 3rd morning and some droop. They Like this new schedule. Expecting to be at 2L each morning next week.
Now on July 3rd, Day 33, I watered them to runoff. Mix Going In was 658 ppm and pH of 6.3. Runoff was 2064 for one and 2078 for the other…pH of 5.9 for both
Today, Day 44, the Younger girls mix per gallon is 1 Tsp CalMag, 1/2 Tsp FloraGro, and 1/2 tsp FloraBloom. PPM reading of mix at 563.

Older Gelato at Day 65 began getting Only pH’d water 3 days ago…
July 10 the runoff was 1247ppm and 6.1 pH
Today the runoff was at 840 and pH 6.4
I am still a newbie when it comes to ppm and all…
I can tell she is not drinking as fast
Otherwise I think she is almost done, fewer clear trich’s than cloudy and a few scattered ambers.

Inre Older Gelato, Other than taking off 3 leaves 8 days ago on 4 leaves this morning I have done nothing to her.
Inre Younger Gelatos… topped at day 15. smallest lowest branch removed from each on July 3rd. On July 8th I removed 2 smallest sprouts from remaining lowest branch. Today I remove 2 small sprouts from bottom of G7. I have Not done Any leaf trimming. I have twice done some very light lst, for a 12 hour period only, to slightly spread branches…worked well I think. I have earmarked about 4/5 leaves each to trim from middle, next week, for increased airflow.


Uploading: July 13 G2 angled Day 65.jpg…

Thanks For Looking !!

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Happy July 19th
Oldest Girl is almost ready. Her water consumption noticeably dropped.
I flushed with 2 gallons July 13th and a final flush with 3 gallons July 17th…
Anticipating harvesting Friday…

Younger sisters going Great. Did minor fan leaf trim on day 47 to expose some lower buds and increase airflow. They love their 10 hrs a day outside…

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Happy Tuesday the 26th
G2 was Harvested friday as planned. Day 74. She drank every drop of water from last watering\flush 5 days earlier. Should be ready for jars Friday, after hanging in total darkness for 7 days. 7.5 oz’s wet. Hoping for 2.0+ dry. Nice buds

Her Younger sisters are at Day 57 Today. Buds swelling.
Now, when outside 4 days ago, A little critter strung a ‘strand of web’ on\between the very top 2 fan leaves. I got him and of course brought them inside immediately. I have since been Keeping them inside and Literally Inspecting them every 2 hours, during waking hours. I was Due for defoliation And did it after I brought them in. I had a couple leaves getting some gray spotting and removed them as well. Looking good 2 days after defoliation. I have some NPK Mighty Wash due in today. Even tho I have Not found any web in buds yet or any critters, I am paranoid and thinking of giving plants an application. Using magnifying glass I Think I found some eggs on leaf I cut off 2 days ago.


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Congrats on a great harvest


Happy Aug 6th !
G2, cut on 7/22, hung for 7 days before going in jars.
Burping twice a day, current Rh at 63%. Should be burping once a day next week.
Will cure for 5-6 weeks.
Younger sisters, G6 and G7, are at Day 68. G6 is further along than G7…more red hairs and Trichs are 2/3rds milky with a few amber dotted in. G7 20% milky ?

Had a brief scare worried about mites after bringing inside, on 7/26, and finding a ‘strand’ between two top fan leaves. But after 10 days of inspecting 4 times a day with magnifying glass and hi powered flashlight I never found any evidence and relaxed. 6 fans keep air moving throughout both plants top and bottom.
I had some fine gray spotting and trimmed those leaves, and about 15 others from each plant as part of planned final “light defoliation”, and used loupe for hi magnification. Found 1 Tiny bug on back of one leaf, out of approx 15 inspected - about 7 days ago. Thripe pupae ? But found No other signs of any kind at that time.
Still no further signs. Yay
Been keeping inside since 7/25 as a result and changed to watering 8 cups every other day.
Ran a gallon thru each this morning…
G6 - ppm going in was 354 w\pH of 6.5. Ppm coming out was 1538…forgot to get pH !?
G7 - ppm going in was 658 \ 6.4. Ppm coming out was 1750…pH was 5.6 - low for soil ?
Plain water only for G6 from now on with a projected harvest in 10 days.
G6 is fox tailing some at top …
Feeling G7 will be 10-14 days later.

PICS of G2 in jars

G6 + G7…

G6 has more red hairs at this point

Thanks for looking

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**** CORRECTION *****

Correction to post of July 26th.
I listed Wet Weight of G2 after harvest as 7.5 ozs - That was Incorrect !

Weight after harvest and going on hangers was 4.7 ozs
Weight after 7 days hanging and going into jars was 1.4 ozs.

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