3rd Grow - with Gelato Auto

3rd Grow

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3 gallon Fabric bags

Mix of Fox Farm Ocean Pacific \ Coco Coir \ Perlite

*Maxsisun PB1000 Pro ( x 2 )

Here we have a Blue Cheese Auto and a Gelato Auto.

( I lost one of each right after transplant - human error )

3 Weeks and 3 days old today LED lights and SOL 18/6

Lights On at 7 a.m.,

Outside at 8:15 a.m.,

Back Inside under lites at 6:p.m.

Lites off at 1 a.m.

No Topping this time ! I may trim 2 lowest branches and some very Very Minimal Lst

Mr. Blue Cheese is going to new forever home tomorrow. Along with Another Blue Cheese that is 2 weeks old today. ( I don’t have a lot of confidence in ability of person who is taking them ( But at least he is paying me for seed and material and is old friend)

I have 2 more Gelato’s that popped the soil yesterday and 2 Jack Herrer Autos that appear to be on the verge of breaking the surface.
Thanks For Looking

June 2nd All 3


they have a nice view on your deck


Looking good! Hope your friend does well with his also


Hi there. Be on the look out for pests if bringing them in and out. Very healthy looking ladies.

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Ya, I did the same with the 1st 2 grows and had no issues. I keep them far away from other plants. Neem spray has always worked great for me. I spend time every evening inspecting them too. Appreciate the comment ! :+1:

They love the deck…

Here is where I start getting a bit confused. Gelato is 3 Wks and 5 days old today. ( as well as the Blue Cheese ) Based on Visual exam I am unsure exactly just what Stage of growth I am in. Transitioning to Flower? In Early Flowering? I have used only ph’d water so far. Due to water today ( about 5 cups ) and will add Cal Mag beginning today. With using FoxFarm O.P. I am wondering if I should begin adding in a 1/4 dosage of my Flora Micro, Flora Gro, and Flora Bloom trio?



Thx for looking…

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Looks like they’re transitioning. Blue cheese might be a bit further along. I read the gelato should grow nice big side branches too. They might stretch a bit. Both look great!

It’s interesting seeing the differences between the 2.
Both came out of the ground at same time and were ‘twins’ the first 5 days.
Have been under exact same conditions side by side.
I thought the same about the Blu Cheese looking ‘further along’ in its life stage.
And there is a Noticeable difference in side branch development with Gelato more pronounced.
Blu Cheese has more spacing between nodes.
Color is still strong \ vibrant… so …I will watch close for any color loss, etc. ((I was reviewing last fall’s grow log notes. I believe I was late adding nutes to H2O with the FFOP soil - 1st addition was 5 weeks in and they began losing color 4/5 days earlier )),

Good Morning !

All seems to be going Fine !

The 2 Blue Cheese girls went to their new home on June 5th, ( I haven’t got a progress report yet. )

Anyway, the Gelato girls are doing good.

G2 is 35 days old

The 2 add’t Gelato’s, G6 & G7, were transplanted June 12 ( Day 11 ) and look fine.

Last 2 waterings of G2 I began introducing nutes at 25% dosage with no runoff.
We have hot dry weather ahead and will water to runoff next time to get ppm reading.

The 2 younger girls seemed to have handled transplanting well, no droop.

Unlike my 2 previous grows I have kept Hands Off of G2 and see a nice difference.

I did trim the branches of the 1st 2 nodes of G2 on June 10th, otherwise nothing.

I will eventually do some very slight Lst on lower branches to spread them out some.

When outside, I still rotate plant 1/2 turn every 30 mins or so ( if I’m not busy ) for optimal exposure.

Compared to where my 2 previous grows were, development wise, at Day 35 I am Very Happy

( As I topped the previous grows and did Aggressive Lst all thru the cycles, final product suffered )
( I might top 1 of the 2 younger girls, and then do very limited lst - let nature do its thing

Thanks for looking…

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June 15 and all is well.
G2 is 37 days old today.
I find it interesting that the bottom 2 fan leaves are yellowed out…
Could this have anything to do with trimming branches below them 5 days ago? ( doubt it )
Watered yesterday (6/14) til a slight runoff… ppm read at 2,200 ( unsure how precise tds meter is )
Nutrient mix was 30% of full dose ( flora micro, flora gro, flora bloom )
PH was 6.1 ( I do have a quality ph tester )

G6 and G7 looking great at day 14, (3 days post transplant)
Still debating whether to top one of these or just Lst… I did not attempt to “train” G2’s main stem…very curious how tall G2 will get with no manipulation

Thx for looking

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Things Rolling right along…
My older Gelato ( day 43 ) Looks Great ! imo…
( The Blue Cheese I gave to friend (was born the same day as my Gelato) is looking Awesome - it actually looks like it’s 7-10 days further along and the buds are exploding and great Smell. Will get a pic next time )
Anyway, the Gelato’s younger sisters are also looking Great.
I did decide to top the younger girls as to make it easier to “hide” on the deck.
Topped them 1 day apart as one is about 24 hrs behind the other - popped its root about 18 hrs before its twin ( growth diff was obvious at that early stage. )
All 3 are thriving and we are getting into hot humid days which ilgm states Gelato’s like…
Now, when I topped the younger 2 girls I also took off the 1st node branches. But Not the leaf.
Whereas I didn’t top the older Gelato, I Did take Both 1st And 2nd node branches on Day 33.
I have done -0- Lst at this point. .
I look for the branches below the forming cola to begin swelling
Having Fun and hope u guys are too !

Noticed trichs forming a couple days ago

This Morning…

Pic of G6 :smile:

Pic of G7

Thanks for Looking !!
I shall return…

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When I visited my friend 4 days ago, who now has the Blue Cheese, it was remarkable how it looked 7-10 days more developed than my Gelato despite both popping their roots the same day on May 7. Serious bud swelling kicking in and sweet pungent aroma…Which the Gelato is now starting to produce

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Happy Sunday !

Things going fine here with older girl doing great and her 2 younger sisters too.
Still getting strong ppm’s last feeding for older girl … 1 gallon 6.4 ph’ water with 1 tsp cal mag and 6 ml of AN’s Big Bud only. She looks and Smells Great !
She and sisters currently averaging 9 hrs in sun and 8 hrs under lights each day. Avg 85 degrees outside. Big girl currently drinking a gallon every 3 days and sisters 1/2 Gal every 3 days.
Did some light Lst on lowest branches on the big girl. I have done light Lst on topped sisters - they are looking nice.
Now, I also had 2nd visit with the 2 Blue Cheese girls that I gave to a pal, and got pics. They are doing good Except - they only get 10-12 hrs sun a day…No aux lighting inside. He also using tap water that has sat for 24 hrs and very light nutes last week. Noticeable difference in development between them and my Gelato. The Older Blue Cheese and my older Gelato are both 48 days old today.

ENJOY 1st up my 48 day old Gelato

Her 2 younger sisters…

And Here are the Blue Cheese girls I gave to friend … ( quite a diff )

Thanks for Looking

3rd time so far being a charm as all is going fine…knock on wood.
Oldest Gelato is 52 Days old. Buds getting frosty.
Drinking a gallon every 3 days. Still in sun 10 hours of its 18 hour light cycle each day. ( usually )
Watered yesterday with usual 3/4 cup runoff. Only added 1tsp CalMag and 6ml of AN’s Big Bud - PPM going in was 480…PPM in runoff was still 1050. Coming down each watering. Ph going in was 6.5, Ph coming out was 6.3

2 Young Gelatos that I topped are looking Great too. 30 days old and appear to be in Pre Flower.
Also averaging 10 hrs a day in the sun
Several days ago I did some very slight LST for 36 hours then removed ties. That spread branches just the right amount for me and look great. I may do another slight 24 hr Lst in a day or so.
I am liking their branch structure as compared to older sister that wasn’t topped. Should be Gorgeous in a couple weeks

52 Day Old Gelato

30 Day old Gelato’s

Thanks for Looking

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Looking great!!!

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The thing that gets me is how different, height wise, the 54 day old Gelato is from her 32 day old younger sisters.
I topped the 2 younger girls at day 11 ( day 1 being the day they popped out of soil )
As the 2 youngsters enter flowering they are already as tall as older sister at 21 Inches.
Going back thru my daily notes I noted, about the older girl on day 3, that she was smaller than her 3 other sisters… ( 1 didn’t make it and the other 2 were given away )
Otherwise I’ve had No known issues that would stunt her - specifically Not topping. I did do slight lst for 24 hrs on lowest pair of branches Only and then removed ties - 2 weeks ago.
When I topped the 2 younger girls I never thought they would surpass their older sis in height
I also added up the amount of GH’s Flora nutes I have added so far to feedings of older G2…As I am growing in FFOF from day 1 . Besides adding 1 Tsp of Cal Mag to every gallon, I have added a total of
just 2 1/2 tsp’s of Flora Macro and 2 Tsp’s of Flora Gro to the mix over last 3 weeks, and only 1 1/ Tsp’s AN’s Big Bud each the last two waterings. - Runoff on June 29 had a PPM of 1050, and been coming down consistantly last 4 feedings.

july 2 g6 an 7 inside

july 2 all 3 inside too
July 2 all three outside

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Hope all had a great July 4th…
We are in a Heat Wave here with high humidity. 97 with heat index of 108 Today…
The Gelato’s are not phased at all by it. Out in it 10 hrs each day
Drinking a gallon every 3 days.
The 2 younger Gelato’s, at Day 36, are doing Great. Getting Bushy…lot of leaf tucking coming…
3 days ago, on July 3rd, I trimmed off the smallest branch of the lowest pair on each of the younger girls.
I also trimmed 3 fan leaves from Older girl the same day. Mid level bud branches on older girl are tight and compact
The younger girls are starting to get bushy. Bud sites look Great. I did very very light lst for 16 hrs, 2 days ago. Helped spread open branches ever so slightly…
July 3rd Trimmed branches

Yesterday I visited the 2 Blue Cheese girls I gave away. 1 is 57 days old the other is 47 days old. Buds are gorgeous but small. Central cola small. They remain outside 24/7 getting 12 hrs sun a day. My friend is giving them quart of water every day vs my 1 gallon every 3 days. (We have had literally no rain for 2 weeks.) Bag was Very light. I told him to give them a good soak and check on 3rd day. He is giving them 25% dosage of nutes every 3rd day…


Looking nice!

Need to get a couple of outdoor growers in here to follow along. @kaptain3d has a few girls outdoors and @OGIncognito is hiding one outside.