3rd grow tips anyone? They sprouted april 28



Keep on top of your ph
Top or fim
LST or scrog


I got them at 6.2 for the last week and a half or so theyre sadly bag seeds, have you ever tried to get feminized pollen with the silver thiosulfate method?


No sweetie, im just on third grow now & can honestly say im still at a loss as to why some things happen with all these different strains better or worse. Each grow i try something new, split stem before last harvest & this time trying crushing insides in flower for heftier buds. So im a long way from fem pollen. There are however some very experienced growers who probably have.


It doesnt sound too hard man its just like making next years seeds forsure female without paying for them at that point you could be just paying for strains on here to make big seed stashes of each one. Bergman has a article on here sonewhere


Im running on a pretty low budget rn only reason i even want to try, just got my first soil and water ph meter a week ago and duse its so great a huge difference in the grow


You can use colloidal silver or silver thiosulfate you need to begin spraying the female 1-2weeks before flower and in to flower. You can do 1 branch or the whole plant. After it produces pollen sacs you can collect them to hand pollinate another female or you can just let them pop to pollinate females in the area. The seeds should be femenized.


Just keep up the good work
pH and keep an eye out for bugs


Bugs are bitches man thats forsure