3rd grow’s a silver charm

3rd “official” grow. Learning is fun.

A little over 4’ x 5’ space, ventilated straight into the chimney. 2 260xl HLG’s in the main space. Room to add a 3rd board to each, but haven’t felt the need to yet. Just a timer and silver, bubble insulation on the walls.

Transplanted from paper towel 4 Super Silver Haze, 3 Blackberry Kush, and 1 bag seed bean, all into 2 gallon pots with Ocean forest. Bag seed is either a hybrid or Indica, but I do know it’s effective.

I have RO water, The FF trio, cal-mag supplement and all the various dry nutrients they suggest using when flower begins. I have a pH meter and the general hydroponic pH up/down solutions.

Yeah. Any questions and I’d be happy to answer them.


The bag seed is fire. I think it’s a hybrid. Indica dominant based on the leaves.

I had 3 BBk I grew last time that we’re supposed to be feminized, and got beans sprouting 5 days into flower. That’s the 2nd of the 3 to do so. No signs of female at any point that I saw so I think I can rule herm out on those.

Why I picked daylight savings time to switch, I will never know.

I thought about posting pictures, but it’s just black dirt so far.


I have mycorrhizae, but I didn’t use it. I just spaced it out, as one tends to do when pitting plants after a session. Does anyone have opinions on its use? I haven’t done this long enough to know. I used it last time when I transplanted, but to what effect I don’t know.

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Very nice set up! What exhaust system are you using? I used “mykos” this grow when I transplanted, so once I harvest (any day now) I will inspect the roots and see if any noticable root improvement. Dont forget to ad perlite to the FFOF. Good luck. I’m watching.

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Well, shit. I didn’t do that. I didn’t know that was a thing.

Oh ya a TDS meter will be helpful so you will know when to start feeding as FFOF should last as much as 6 weeks ± without neuts.

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Set to watch. @Audiofreak is correct about FF OF. I grow in OF and on current grow I went 6 weeks in Veg. My ppm’s were high all the way up to second week after flip. Once plant started to flower readings started dropping quick. You could go for a while without watering to runoff, but should at some point start taking readings to stay ahead of the possibly of getting deficiencies. :+1:


Sounds like OMG is gettin’ down to business! Good luck!

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The equipment you have assembled is same as my set up only bigger (2x4x5 with one 260xl) those lights grow some dense big buds. Best of luck.


Which boards are you running? 3k, 4K?

I believe they are 35k gotta give the lights the credit for the buds

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Not much to show. This is just the beginning space. Because I can. Tomatoes and peppers in there too.

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I did my best to label each pot. The ones I didn’t label are tomatoes/peppers and what not. I don’t have 100% confirmation, but the P Haze I put in the far right pots (after the two I had in there didn’t take) seem like they are trying to burst through today.

The bushier 2 plants in the back on the right are smallish BBK clones. I took them from a different plant (obviously). Space fillers. I’ve never attempted to clone before.

Topped the 2nd plant in the 2nd row today. The rest are doing their thing. Some leggy. I don’t understand why the runt in the first row isn’t doing much. Maybe just bad genetics?

I topped 4 of them yesterday. Maybe a little to early, but I’m new and curious. I don’t much about clones, but I did manage to take 2 and clone them (back row, 3rd and 4th pot) which I topped. I don’t know if the rules for topping are the same with clones as seedlings or not. So here we go. I also topped the 2nd one in the first row and 3rd one in the second row.

Chugging along