3rd grow, Heavens Gate CBD strain

So here it is, Heavens Gate CBD, which is high CBD and moderate THC… I’ve had this seed for about a year (it’s been in the fridge) and acquired it because I have a spinal injury with severe neuropathy in my right leg, all the way down to my foot, so pain is with me every second of every day. I’ve been using my other grow (white widow from here) daily and I’ve noticed an improvement in my pain management because of it. I’ve been able to reduce my Oxy use by a solid third so it’s certainly worth it to me to grow again.

Germinated in a paper towel on the 5th, planted in a Solo cup with coco on the 6th. Went down into the garden this morning to check on my little girl and she popped! Wish me luck!!


Glad to see you are back growing @super_newby And that is great news on the pain meds!

If you need any help please tag me! Happy to help you out!

BTW The site sells CDB oil drops that you can take as a supplement until the Heavens Gate is ready.

We have a pretty good thread going i can post the link and tag you over if you’re interested?


Very interested, thanks @bob31, it’s awesome to be growing again! I’ve heard about the oil here and have thinking about trying it.




You are going to love any high cbd strain with medium low thc…
It is first season change in 30 years I am not hurting…:grinning:
Happy growing !!!


yea bang on thats why i keep my males and let flower for a bit then cut them down and make oils frm them bless

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@super_newby I like a higher CBD to THC ratio and I either grind and mix the different strains together or I take a high THC solid like shatter or wax and I add it to a high CBD vape juice. I bought an inexpensive vape pen for under $20- it’s all on that topic, more or less!


I’m so glad to hear that, @Ragnar; this is my first real attempt at growing medical but the WW has given me hope. Don’t get me wrong, I love a nice buzz in the evening but if I have running around to do, I hold off until I’m home for the day. I’d love to have something mild enough, buzz wise, but still get the pain relief to be able to function like a normal person. I have to walk with a cane when I’m in pain because all of the muscles in my right leg get really tight, due to the neuropathy, and it’s horrible. But when I’m properly medicated, I walk like nothing is wrong with only minor pain. We’ll see how it goes. I just checked on the little girl and her first round leaves are out and little jagged leaves are beginning to swell and grow!


Thanks, @Shuggz, I only buy feminized or auto seeds since I’m still pretty new at this. However, I’m going to be more conscious of the leaves that I trim from the plant as it grows and instead of tossing them, I’m going to dry them and put them in the final blend in order to get the goodness from the leaves also. The more I study about medicinal uses for cannabis, the more astonished I am!


Week 1

The little girl is growing! Not much but she’s looking healthy so I won’t complain. Bought a new 600W light, I think a cooling blade, on the fan, in my 300W broke because it’s making a racket in the garden, and it’ll be here on Sunday. Started a OG Kush seed in my Aerogarden and will bring over to the garden when it’s a bit bigger, no picture of that one, just planted it yesterday.