3rd grow and looking good, but need help with unwanted quest

Noticed these spots tonight and killed this critter that fluttered from 1 of the plants. In 707 dirt, several different strains all potos, 4th week from seed, temps 88-90 lights on, 80. Using G.H trio, still running 18/6. 4 hlg 288 rspec fixtures. @Cannabian @SlowOldGuy @KeystoneCops @Killadruid @Drinkslinger @dbrn32

Hard to tell from the pic of the corpse.
Look under your leaves. Really closely.

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Tries cropping it to get larger, it landed on the side of the tent, this is prior to terminating it. Thanks for help

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It almost doesn’t matter what that is. What matters is that insects are able to get into your tent. You should try to address that, set up sticky traps to monitor, and scout the underside of the leaves to remove eggs/insects.

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That critter on the tent wall is a tan colored leaf hopper. It will eat holes in your leaves but likely wont be an invasion. It came in on your clothes or hopped in on a pet or something. Kill it and any like it and your golden.

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But what is leaving the black spots of goo…?


I have a bit of that, also. The black shiny spots. I hope we get an answer.

Not sure what the bug is, but the black spots may be droppings from them or another bug.

Thanks everyone, I’ll keep posted. Saw more prior to leaving for work. All because my AC quit and had to Crack open my tent, allowing the intrusion, naturally…

@dbrn32 on my last light builds, we did (2) pair of double 288 v2 rspec boards and heat slates. I built 3 of these quad board builds. I am going to build 3 more lights now, I see that HLG has the triple board/slate on sale, however would that: A) put my board spacing to close together?, B) I would end up with 18 boards instead of 12 boards total, C) we used HLG-480H-C2100A drivers last time (1) per light, would that still work for 6 boards to 1 driver on each build? I am committing to giving up one side of my garage and converting it to grow under these lights so whatever area they will light is what space I will utilize. thanks for your thoughts - in advance

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You can’t really run 6 boards on that driver. Putting 3 boards on slate 2 triple will have them right next to each other. If you want to run 6 boards per driver you can with different driver, but would have to wire in parallel.