3rd Grow 2nd journal 1st seed from ILGM

What up everyone

Like the title says this my third grow. I had a journal for the first and learned pretty much everything on this site. Thanks again for all the help. The plant turned out great for a first timer, but it was some cheap dispensary seeds so they smoked just ok

The second grow i didnt do a journal but prolly shoiulda. I did ask some questions because the plant turned out 2 toned with a green bottom and purple top. Its some pics on hear somewhere. I didnt get as much this time but it smoked a little better (different cheap dispo seeds)

This third grow i ordered some seeds from here the dreamy mix pack and they got here so fast. Shout out to the ILGM seed bank people, i was nervous as i never ordered seeds before but it was easy and they got here so fast. I ordered at the beginning of April on a Thurs. i got em on Tues. i was expecting it to be at least a few weeks but 5 days, Wow So thanks for that and ill be a return shopper.

I was gonna wait cuz i had one plant about 5 or 6 weeks at the time but they got here so fast i got started on 1 blue dream and by that Saturday i had this

13 days i transferred

Today about day 35 i flipped to flower. Lights went to 12-12

So i hope things go smooth from here. thanks in advance for any help ill prolly need
And thanks again to the ILGM seeds

That got long


I’m gonna tag along, if you don’t mind :v:

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What size tent are you growing in?
What strains are pictured?
May I ask why you flipped at 35 days?


@beardless. I was curious too the flip as well, based off the website these aren’t autos either…


That’s what she said.

Looking good, man. If they don’t stretch out enough for you when they start to stretch (anytime, now that you’ve flipped), you can raise the lighting some and they should spread out some. :+1:


I flipped to flower at 35 days cuz i have another plant in the tent

that is 77 days and getting too big. it was a found seed given to me. Dont know what it is or if its male or female

I had this already veggiin and the ILGM seeds came so quick i couldnt wait. so hopefully they stretch and we ll see what happens.

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Looks femalish, from what I can see. 35 days from seed is a little soon for them to flower. They probably spent the first couple weeks of that finishing maturing to that point. It looks like they’re just starting to show female parts. If that’s the case, you should see tons and tons more pistils each day. Can we get a close up on this, for a better look? I can’t really tell.

Or anywhere, from the side like that, but closer.

Here are the pics you asked about

Can you tell from that? Thanks


Congrats, it’s a girl.


Left side is ILGM blue dream I flipped at 35 days
Right side unknown seed flipped at 77 days

2x4x6ft tent
FFOF soil and extra perlite and FF nutes
fabric pots
HLG 260 lights
2 small fans inside and 4in exhaust fan
60 - 75 degrees most of the time
45 - 60 rh most of the time


Congrats on the girl! I’m on my first grow and just switched to 12/12 a week ago so we’re on similar timing.

I’ll be following along.

Jonny Utah


Everybody here posting and sharing allows a newbie like me to answer my panics about what I’m doing right or wrong. Keep sharing


Nice girl there. Looking great !!

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She’s a layydy…woah woah woah, she’s a layyyyydy.

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Got a journal going??

Sounds great to me!!

Took your advice, started my own journal

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Like all of the above have said you have a girl

What up everybody thanks for the confirmation on the girl. I woulda been mad if that one was a male.

So an update on my garden this is 7 days in flower(12-12 lights)

So i opened my tent on Wed. and my blue dream plant was laying on its side with the top smashed in the corner

you can kinda see it on this pic. I forgot to turn my exhaust fan back on after i watered. The next day it was like a sauna 100% humidity. The cardboard box she was sitting on collapsed and

But she looks like she recovered ok. rh around 60% now, trying to get about 50 for now Besides that its been fairly smooth. Hope it stays that way

Thanks for the help and support


Looking great!!