3rd Grow (2)Banana Kush, (2)Bubble Gum, (2)AK-47 and (1)Girl Scout Cookie Extreme


One pump per cooler. I’m not sure how many mister you can run with one pump.

I cut them off cuz I got tired of looking at them. lol It also helps to determine whether I still have a problem or not.


I approximated about up to 12 nozzles per pump. (Possibly more, haven’t experimented yet) So you probably could run quite a few more if you wanted to expand.
Each nozzle uses .06 GPM which would apply if it actually ran for a full minute. Your pump should be more than capable at .75 GPM. Unless I’m wrong about your pump. 8800?

I meant all of your current growth was looking great as well.


Those are growing up so fast! Mainlines look good brother


Are those breathers on the top of your units… the 3/4 or 1/2 inch pvc , not sure … what are those… ?

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lol They are pvc couplings. They hold up the legs for a scrog and also attach to the legs on the inside.

I forgot to post pictures of my roots

The BK roots are 2 ft long.


Outstanding roots good sir! @MAXHeadRoom


I like how this Banana Kush is growing. The AK is a little finicky and the BG grows like GL. The GSCE looks like she is going to be big too


The reason I asked is because of light making its way down into the system… :wink:
I was concerned is all… :wink:
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Looking GOOD my friend. You have a great start. Keep it going. Jerry


Amazing root growth :ok_hand: going to be interesting to see the end result of the mainlining :sunglasses:


looking great @MAXHeadRoom


One thing that might help on the AK (one of my personal favorites) is that I have found, along with several other growers, AK is very needy when it comes to Ca/Mg. My second grow of AK, I added Ca/Mg from the start and she thrived. First grow she was needing it all along but I was a rookie grower and did not figure it out until late. Hope that helps you. Jerry :us: :man_farmer:


Thanks @TxGrowman I am finding the same thing with the AK. I gave all the grows maximum Cal/Mag and so far so good.

What do you think about the 2 node mainline? Do you think that will work?


Hmmmmmm, It is going to be some stress on the plant but Robert’s seeds are pretty much genetically “strong” and you have a good amt of experience and knowledge to run it through.

How many cola’s are you planning on doing?

I think one of the most important things is really getting a strong veg period.

Of course, pH is the most important part of any grow. pH is at the bottom of almost every grow problem that you can have.

I’m in for the long run on this one ! Pretty sure you could pull it off. Want to see how it goes.
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16 on the 1 node grows and 32 on the 2 node grows.

I am planning on vegging til the end of April which will give all the grows time to recover and flourish.



I am still having a deficiency in my grows. All grows are like this to some degree. This has been going on since the plants where in the fog cloner. week 3?

Clue: This is only happening on the lowest fan leaves on all the plants. Every plant looks like this to some degree. The top growth appears to be OK

So lets go over the basics to help figure this out.
2 aeroponics grows and 2 foggers grows
Air temp day 82 night 65
RH day 50 night 65
Res temps 63 to 68
light is at 12" with lux at 50,000
PH 5.7 to 5.9
PPM 800
Nutes AN PH perfect Micro Grow Bloom
Cal/Mag is at full strength and has been for 2 weeks.

History. Originally I moved the grows from the fogger to the main grow room because I thought this was being caused by low humidity. When the problem continued I added cal/mag. 2ml per gallon with equal parts AN until the PPM was 300. The problem continued.
So I increased the cal/mag to full strength. Nothing really changed. So I posted my problem to the group and they thought it was cal/mag or phosphorous deficiency So I kept my cal/mag at full strength and added 1 part micro and one part grow and 2 parts bloom because it had the most phosphorous. I also kept the PH at 5.6,5.7. PPM was 500 This also did not cure the problem. Then I added 5 ml per gallon GH KoolBloom to each grow. This didn’t help either.

Sunday I did a res change and only added full strength AN nutes Micro, Grow, Bloom at recommended strengths. 15ml per gallon each. This brought my PPM to 900 which I thought was a little high.
The next day I checked the plants and WOW, they where way worse. Without any cal/mag for one day was a noticeable difference. Things happen quickly in hydro.

So I diluted the solution in each res until the PPM was 700 and then added full strength cal/mag and added KoolBoom until the PPM was 800.

And that brings us to now. Any new ideas are appreciated.

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I have a Maui Wowie that is always wanting more cal/mag. Some strains are finicky but it seems like you’re on the right track. I wish I ran hydro or a similar system to yours so I could help you out more buddy.


Can’t say I would’ve done any differently than you have.

Just out of curiosity, which calmag product are you using? @raustin just recently pointed out to me that phosphorus deficiency can cause calcium lockout. It was first I heard of it.

I’d maybe tinker with the idea of increasing one or both of those more, or possibly backing off the light a little. Just thinking that you could maybe slow down photosynthetic activity a little, and things would be a little more apparent?


Yes, phosphorous deficiency can do that in a low Ph. It combines with calcium to form insoluble compounds. The only thing to do is raise the Ph.


Add some silicate and go to straight lucas formula 1 part micro 2 parts bloom keeping Cal-mag in mix