3rd Grow (2)Banana Kush, (2)Bubble Gum, (2)AK-47 and (1)Girl Scout Cookie Extreme


The clue is low ppm plus I believe @MAXHeadRoom knows his way around hydro and had said was already adding Cal-mag which could easily account for 100 ppm that leaves a 250? ish range depending on water for base nutrients :wink: Ph perfect calls for 4ml/L and depending on line can range anywhere from 150-200ppm per part so likely low dosing
Tricky part of hydro is each strain likes different things I would have to agree with @peachfuzz a ppm 5-600 is what I would expect mid veg. It gets confusing when you see one person using this ppm another that but each strain is slightly different and it’s easier to dial up ppm slowly when mixing strains since some may love it and another hate it but they always take time to show


lol even under my LEC have that issue tricky bit is finding P rich nutrient which doesn’t mess with base too much P can stall a lady too



What growth stage are your plants in. Cause I’m not sure if you ppm of 350 is to low or not ?

Nutrients intensity varies widely and you have to watch your plants closely because nutrient burn is an epidemic in our marijuana growing community, especially during bloom phase.

In general with established marijuana plants, start by running 1/4 to 1/2 of the manufacturer’s recommended nutrients dose and go up from there.

If you’re running more than 1300 ppm, and especially if you don’t flush periodically, you may toxify your root zone and marijuana plants with excess nutrients salts.

PPM for Hanna Chart PPM

Seedlings, Early Sprouts 100 to 250

Early Vegging 300 to 400

Full Vegetation 450 to 700

Early Blooming 750 to 950

Full Mature Blooms 1000 to 1600

Remember to discount the ppm of your water.

By discount, do you mean you do not include the ppm of your water in the overall ppm or you do?

My tap water is `120 ppm, out of the faucet. So if I want a ppm of 720, I set it at 840, so I have 720 of Nutrients plus the 120 ppm of the water.


Yeah, these new tech lights are really throwing light! LEC, CMH, LED are all advancing quick!


I’m sure someone Hs given you some useful info but that sure looks like cal mag issue but seems like your levels re good there … good luck… sure you’ll get it figured out @MAXHeadRoom


I love reading up on all the new tech but bust my hump to pay for new toys and many of them require a new learning curve or $$
Have a house to fix addition to build roof to replace the misses would kill me if I went crazy on new grow equipment so I pick away at it adding here and there
Trust me have to be careful I plan to dig out my foundation this year if I push my luck she will kick me in the hole and bury me


@Donaldj You’re shed is great! I hope to someday grow on your level. I understand about updates on the house, the wife wants me to do so much lol. We might be doing a second floor addition to our house in the near future, hopefully.


@Donaldj @garrigan65

These plants are 6 weeks old.

I just installed a new RO system so my base is 21-23 ppm. Because it is so low I do include it in my readings.

I ran the nutes up to 400 and noticed the starting of nute burn. So I backed off to 350. All the systems are staying balanced at that level. Meaning when I check everyday it doesn’t go up or down. Donald taught me this and it is suppose to be the sweet spot.

I can add AN Bloom, it is 1-3-4 it has the most phosphorus in it. So that is the plan. Is that ok???

My regular res change is Sunday

@Zombo I am running full strength cal/mag on all plants since last res change and it has gotten worse since then.


The updates to the house are mutual benefit storage in house would mean I get more room in my shed saving grace is I am he contractor in this venture. Trust me when you live in a 700sqft house space is a premium try and reno anything inside and and the war is on lmao. Need addition just so I can finish rest of the house I’d have added second story but single floor with basement has better resale


using just Micro and grow? and res temps are in good range I would add the bloom I tend to do M, B, at start of veg to promote roots over foliage than dial up into a Lucas formula with Cal Silicate or rooting aide. I don’t even own a bottle of grow anymore :wink: and no rush to replace tons of N in micro


This is the first time I have used AN nutes so right now I am using Micro Grow and bloom in equal amounts. I am still learning. @Donaldj


I said you had good handle on hydro :stuck_out_tongue: this is just one of those variable things that catches us all ppm is right but ratio isn’t working. I think you know what I have said in the past on similar cases drop this add that etc… If swapping out grow for bloom doesn’t work you know in a few days than you revisit dosing by then plants may be Ok with the ppm bump


Keep in mind the more often you grow same strain the faster you head off any curves I tend to grow mostly from clones so dial in each strain through several grows not one strain than off to the next


I did that with the Gold Leaf. Two grows and some clones on second grow too. Its just the combination of new strains and new nutes thats kicking my butt. With everyones help we can get it dialed in. Thanks @Donaldj going to add more bloom today so I should see some results by the next res change on Sunday.


hoping everything works out well @MAXHeadRoom


Sounds like you’re dialing it in, and I’m following along. Very eduacational. @MAXHeadRoom please update when it’s time.


@Donaldj stole all the words out of my mouth… no sense in repeating… :wink:
Once your ppm is in range based off of age , then you need to figure out ratios of said nutrients… during each stage of growth… :wink:
Most plants will be able to stay alive within a certain range… after you get that figured out then you start to add this and delete that to get the plant to feed when you want it too… :wink:
That’s hard to do with seeds… I always tell people , it takes 2 years to master a plant and almost 3 years to make it profitable and be able to determine what your yeild will be and how good the quality will be… :wink:
I should add that in hydro , things seem to move a lil faster… just finding this out… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Grow update. BK is 7 weeks old. AK-47 and BG are 6 weeks old and the GSCE and GL are 4 weeks old.

I had been battling a deficiency but hopefully I have corrected that.

I also started mainlining all the aero grows. After removing the leaves that had the deficiency, I could just see how the mainlining would work. I have 2 true mainliners and 4 that I am doing a 2 node mainline. Check it out. Thanks goes to @TxGrowman for the inspiration of this method.

BK true mainline

BK 2 node mainline



Pictures of full grows

I have done the next step and topped the plant at 3 nodes out. Still waiting on the plants in aero 2 to get a little bigger before topping.

Pictures of roots. The BK is 2 ft long

I figured out what I was doing wrong with the nutes. I was adding for a liter and not a gallon. So I was only feeding a about one quarter strength. The PPM is around 800 but they seem to be able to handle it so far. I am watching out for nute burn just in case thats to much.

Keeping PH on the low side for max calcium uptake. Seems to be working.

@Donaldj @garrigan65 @peachfuzz @Covertgrower @BIGE @MattyBear @dbrn32 @Kcdaniels @Nug-bug


@MAXHeadRoom awesome.
Everything looks good, your leaves look like they aren’t showing any more deficiencies, and 1/4 strength would do it. Glad you got that figured out. @Donaldj is pretty good at the mainlining technique also. Fantastic for short and bushy! Thanks for the update!
One pump doing all of that aero set up?


Looking good my man! Will b fun to watch those mainlines for sure.