3rd Grow (2)Banana Kush, (2)Bubble Gum, (2)AK-47 and (1)Girl Scout Cookie Extreme


You know we all wanted to see haha! Nice looking buds partner, and congrats on the harvest!

I know you’re not expecting the best results tomorrow, but keep your head up and keep moving forward. Our thoughts and prayers are with you!


I have a question for you. A light question. Earlier this week my 2 main flowering lights kept blowing a circuit. They have been on this circuit for over a year now and I haven’t had any trouble till this week. They are on a 15 amp breaker. The first time it happened I moved one of the lights to another circuit and reset the breaker. The breaker blew even with just one light on it. I inspected the lights and everything looked OK and they are not blowing breakers on a different circuits so I think the lights are OK. So the only other thing I can think of is I have a bad breaker. I don’t know what do you think @dbrn32


Your breaker might be going bad check that first only a 10-15 dollar piece plug it all back in and see if that’s the problem. I had that problem in my bedroom changed out bedroom with new and she’s going strong


Nice presentation and pictures, great work @MAXHeadRoom… I’m praying for the best for you brother, we all need you here for your growing expertise… good luck… I’m gonna keep the Banana Kush in mind for easy grow reasons, I like easy!


It can be a breaker that nuisance trips, that’s what I would lean toward if you moved to a different circuit without any issues.

A couple other potential issues would be loose connection on light or damaged wiring, which you seem to have already accounted for. I would probably inspect the receptacle light was plugged into, and any other known receptacles or loads on that circuit. Just because it’s free. If nothing jumps out at you, most of the home improvement stores will sell replacement breakers. Just take a peek at the manufacturer and series of your box. Square D and GE are the most common, and they both have multiple product lines that aren’t always compatible.


Good job @MAXHeadRoom nice harvest I wish you well as you find out CT scan results will keep you in our prayers and thoughts


Looking like a good harvest. Keep your head up on the results, I’m hoping for the best for you. You’re still in my prayers, not forgetting about you.
I’m hoping the oil will work for you, and in combination with the CBD oil, I hope it helps with the pain.


I have square D. I will switch that out and see what happens. I checked boxes and they looked OK


Nice looking results. That BK sounds like a winner !

I got some of the pre-testing done yesterday and today for my admission on the 24th. They still need to repeat the blood work on admission. They are looking at 7 days of admission for testing, IF everything works out well. Hope they find something this time, my pulmonary function has decreased by half in the last year and breath is coming harder all the time.

Hope you come out with some good results on your CT. “Hang in there baby” as we used to say in the late 60’s and 70’s. :us::man_farmer::motorcycle:


You will be in all our prayers sweetie for your ct & if numbers mean anything you’ve got a lot of wonderful folks here praying our hearts out for you Boo.


Still sending prayers from the Cape :pray:t3:


I notice you use boxes instead of bags. Do you notice a difference?

Stay strong, Brother. You’re not alone…


I just use the box to carry the buds. I hang them to dry in a dark area in my basement, on clothes line. RH 50-60 and temp 70-75


I see.

I figured you hung them to dry. I asked because I use paper bags as a transitionary stage from hanging to the jar. Two week period has been the norm for me though some harvests have only spent a week in the bag.


I am high, Sorry, !@#$ me, I got a hernia more cutting, I am told it the norm, I will op out for the other…
Nominal sucks ass…


Careful, Brother. You’re not on the Dank side…


Thanks for all your prayers. My CT scan was terrible, but that was expected. The tumors grew, on average, about 1 inch in each direction.
Currently I am trying the RSO oil with the addition of CBD oil. This will be the last time I will try this method being that the RSO alone did not shrink the tumors on my first attempt. I am taking 1.5 grams a day of RSO mixed with CBD in a 50/50 mixture using suppositories. Also taking CBD orally twice a day.
I started this treatment on the 6th of July and haven’t seen any results yet. I am measuring the diameter of my stomach daily and it is staying around 38 inches.
I harvested all my plants for this grow except 2 WWA’s that aren’t ready yet. I am using the trim to make the oil for now. As you can imagine this is very expensive to do and I have already sacrificed over 1 pound of weed on this experiment.

I hope and pray that everyone is doing well with their grow and health.
I have a Doctor appointment on Monday and I’m sure they will want to get me back on Chemo. I really want to get in the clinical study with the new Immunotherepy treatment but I haven’t heard if they have started that up again.
I will update everyone next week.

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Thanks for the update, Max… I think about you often. I hope you are able to find something that gives you results soon. Fingers crossed you can get into the clinical study!


My prayers are with you my friend… :wink:

Have you thought about plucking leaves off of your vegging plants and juicing with certain fruits… I have heard alot of good things about juicing with live plant matter… might want to look into it… :wink: