3rd Grow (2)Banana Kush, (2)Bubble Gum, (2)AK-47 and (1)Girl Scout Cookie Extreme


God and myself… and every other person you help on this journey we call life… :wink:




One of the things that immediately crossed my mind was the bridgelux strip builds. The 1050ma driver output would come in just under 800ma, and that’s a solid current for the 560mm and 1120mm. Since most of those builds are more budget minded, these elg’s could be a good option to get into some dimming at reasonable cost.


The stuff I bought has 0.5% Spinosad and other things 99.50% Does not list other ingredients.

16 fl oz Cost $16 Concentrated

How much should I add to a gallon? 8ml???
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Amen to that brother!




Think of it as adding a sugar or microbe to your medium doesn’t take much and in lower concentrations plant will be able to absorb it. The stuff I have has no label and when I go to it’s source site for info it speaks in ml per Acre and diluted concentration of about the same after mixing lmao is white and milky like canned cream the stuff you got should be mixed as directed on bottle slightly weaker since will have surfactants/soap in it 4ml or so a liter


Loving the pictures and the new lights my friend! They turned out great and I hope they grow great weed for you!


I think the Captain Jack’s is ready to spray without dilution, if it is the spray bottle that I saw online. For Monterry Insect Garden Spray, I use 1 1/2 teaspoons per 16 ounces of water to make a folliar spray, like it says on the bottle. You can just spray some of the folliar spray on the soil. I get enough of the undiluted stuff in a little bottle to make spray for years of use


@MAXHeadRoom your lights and grow room look great man. Sorry you get so tired. Just don’t over work yourself.
I hope you kill the bastads.


Your setup looks amazing. I modeled mine after yours. You gave me the inspiration to use quantum boards and build my own. For that I thank you brother. Since we started flower together I guess their is no choice but to just wait until you say it’s time to harvest. Late June you say? I’m really looking forward to it.


Here is a pic I took this morning. This is the Banana Kush. They just get more lovely by the day. I can just sit in my room and look around in the morning for about a half hour. Very relaxing. Day 21

Getting frosty :smiley: Day 21 @Budtastic


@Usmcjojo I hear you are the NFTG expert and I need little advice.

I have the sample pack and I am running the Greek regiment. I notice a slight nute burn on all the tips of all the plants. On new growth also. It is not really serious yet, but I am in day 21 of flower and want to do the right thing.

Right now I am feeding every other day and have not flushed.
PH in 6.6 to 6.7
PH out 6.2 to 6.0
PPM in 985
PPM out 1050 to 1280

One question I had was, do I need to add anything special during flower? Most nutes have a base and then you add bloom nutes during flower.

How othen should I feed and frequency?
These nutes really turned my grow around for the better.

I dont want this problem to get worst so some advise is needed. Thanks

You make have to enlarge it to see the tips that are burned


You need to flush raise your pH your getting locked out? How often are you using bloom chaos?


They’re still looking great @MAXHeadRoom


Looking Great @MAXHeadRoom


Hey buddy, how have you been feeling? @crazyots


Good Thank you, Getting stranger every day, Hope to be fishing next weekend…

And how are you doing?


I have been feeling pretty good for about a week. Trouble is that I over do it on the days I feel good and then the next day my muscles are sore.
My clinical trial got delayed due to a dosage change Hope to start that soon.
The trial consist of using KEYTRUDA (FDA approved drug) in combination with a drug called Epacadostat. (Not FDA approved) KEYTRUDA you may have seen on TV. Its used to fight lung cancer. All these drugs are Immunotherapy drugs which help your own immune system fight the cancer. Epacadostat blocks the protien IDO which suppresses your immune system. So the study will see how these 2 drugs together will fight cancer.

I will keep you updated on my results :sunglasses:


I haven’t flushed yet since I was in bloom and the feeding schedule only has one flush at the end.

I haven’t started using that yet. I don’t like to foliar spary my plants during flower, but I will start to add it to my feedings in the recommended dosage.

Am I feeding to much? I forgot to tell you I am in Coco


Are you adding any microbial products to your medium? Also how is your soil does it have much bone meal build up? @MAXHeadRoom