3rd Grow (2)Banana Kush, (2)Bubble Gum, (2)AK-47 and (1)Girl Scout Cookie Extreme


Sorry to hear about your bugs @MAXHeadRoom nobody likes bugs. I hope you kill’em!
On the Fox farms note, I suspect this is how I ended up with aphids… @dbrn32 @MattyBear @Sirsmokes


I hired someone to help me kill them



DE is powdery and knat nix is finely crushed glass.


@dbrn32 @MattyBear @Covertgrower @Zombo @Onlythebest79 @Sirsmokes
Thanks for all your help.
Upon further investigation, the olny plants that are infected are the 2 banana kush and the BK clone and 1 GSCE. All the rest appear to be OK, but I know that will change if I don’t take care of the problem. I put potatoes on top for now and am going to buy Gnat Nix

Thanks again everyone :sunglasses: Have a great day. Sunny and 75 in MI today. Need to get out and mow the lawn as much as I can.


And… I can’t wait… @MAXHeadRoom
47° and sunny at the moment. Hope you enjoy mowing the lawn. (Some people dont)
Those potatoes should do the trick right now. Let me know how the nix works. Like to keep things like that in memory for future reference.


So what is the move date now.


@MAXHeadRoom still shooting the end of June, plus some travel time. We have yet to purchase a ferry ticket, but I’ve been packing.


1st time seeing one, Nice to know what to look for, Thank you Max


Well you timed that just right. Thats when I will harvest this grow.

So for your, Welcome To Michigan, gift you will have a choice of
Banana Kush
Gold Leaf
Girl Scout Cookie Extreme
Bubble Gum
White Widow

How about a couple of grams each until you get your grows going. :sunglasses:


Thanks I’m sure we can work something out. That’s more than I would ever ask for. I’ll be sure to return the favor.
I intend to throw some autoflowers in the ground out in the woods for a quick turn around. Just until I get set up. Beans will be soaking while the truck is still moving! Lol


You can see them with the naked eye crawling around just under the top of your soil by the stem. I hate bugs :ant::spider::cricket::beetle:



far more likely h2o2 or best Spinosad insecticide which can be both sprayed and used as root drench


spinosad is neurotoxic to all insects and completely harmless to humans. They even use it on tobacco and organic veggies! Spray some on the coco surface, and the plant will take it up and be insect-proof for a couple of weeks.


@dbrn32 @MattyBear @Covertgrower @Sirsmokes @crazyots @Onlythebest79

FYI I put potato slices down on top of the coco yesterday and this morning there where NO larvae in any of the slices. I checked with magnifying glass. Nothing :slightly_frowning_face: So I don’t think it was Fungal Gnat larvae.

So now that @Donaldj posted last night and diagnosed thrips, I am going to treat with his described method. (Spinosad) Thanks @1BigFella for chiming in too.

I am puzzled at how I can get all these pest when none where present before I started growing.


If they aren’t in the potatoes I wouldn’t think they are fungus gnats either.


@Zombo @peachfuzz @Bogleg @Nug-bug @BIGE @TxGrowman @MattyBear @Covertgrower @Key2THC

I mainlined all my plants this time. The Banana Kush is doing the best. These are 2 and a half weeks into flower.

The first one is the 2 node mainline and is bigger and fuller then the 1 node mainline.

I am really looking forward to smoking some of this BK. Bud after 2 and a half weeks in flower. Pistils started showing after one week of 12/12, so harvest should be near the end of June.

These are my White Widow Autos. They are in the flower room under the 12/12 lighting. I am trying to time these with the other harvest. They started showing pistils a week ago, so it should be very close to the others.



Your mainline is looking great. I admire your work. I will be attempting a mainline soon. @MAXHeadRoom those are serious pistils.


I’m not familiar with fungal gnats. I’ll have to go and do some reading… other than their presence in here.


Can you see the pictures? I can’t see them on my computer


Your mainlines look so much better than mine - Hah! Once I got the 8 colas going I haven’t plucked a single leaf off of them. I have two bushes going into the ground soon - once I get them in the ground and they seem stable I’ll probably defoliate the undergrowth a little to give it some breathing room from the ground. Thanks for the pics, they are a good reference point.