3rd Grow (2)Banana Kush, (2)Bubble Gum, (2)AK-47 and (1)Girl Scout Cookie Extreme


I’m probably next lol


I got my White Widow Auto today. It only took 8 days. :rofl:
1st order 12 days
2nd order 11 days
3rd order 8 days

I think they figured out where I live. lol :sunglasses:


Time to move! Lol


I’m all legal, so no worries :sunglasses: @elheffe702


@MAXHeadRoom surprisingly I got mine in 5 business days.
Congrats on your seeds. I’m not brave enough to try an auto. Lol. The explosive uncromtrolled grow


This will be my first try. I plan to use my three season room and all that free light. I will have to try coco or soil so that might be a challenge. From 5 plants I hope to get enough to make 60 grams of oil. This will be enough to give one person a treatment for cancer.


@MAXHeadRoom legalities aside, when I get my grow space oriented, I would be more than happy to grow a few plants for you if you wanted or were interested.


That would be great! :smiley: The laws may be changing in MI so it may be easier to do that. @Covertgrower


@MAXHeadRoom I’m hoping for recreational to be on the ballot in November. I’ll be there to vote for it at least! I would be more than happy grow some for you. I’ll be growing some for others anyways. Not a big deal to add a few more.


They are shutting down all the dispensaries for some reason. Its going to be on the news tonight so I will let you know whats it about @Covertgrower


@MAXHeadRoom Well that’s not good… I’ll check the local news there too. Keep me posted as well I’m case I miss something.


Found out why @MAXHeadRoom non-compliance. They did not resubmit their applications if they’re getting shut down.


That’s awesome! Mine took a month, but it got here.


It has been over a month since I posted my grow. A lot of things have happened. I switched over to all Coco because I thought I was going to be in a clinical trial for my cancer, but that got delayed. I thought it would be easier to grow in coco or easier to teach someone.

I have 2 Banana Kush in 5 gallon pots and are feeding them NFTG sample pack
Also 1 Gold leaf and one Girl Scout Cookie Extreme in 5 gallon on NFTG
And 2 AK-47 plus 2 Bubble Gum in 3 gallon pots on NFTG
Right now its feed every other day. I still need to mix up the tea and throw that into the schedule.

1 BK Clone in 5 gallon and 4 White Widow Autos that I’m feeding AN Perfect PH using the Lucas formula (1 part micro 15ml to 2 parts bloom 30ml) cal/mag as needed

Took about 2 weeks to recover from the transplant and then I put them all on 12/12 on May 1st. All is looking good and the buds are a bloom’in.


My next grow is growing
These are under the new light

All of these are clones except 3 GL that are from seed.

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As usual they all look exceptional @MAXHeadRoom
I hope your health is still improving, and you get into the clinical trial soon.


As usual, looking good ! Sorry to hear about your clinical trial getting delayed.

How is the Coco to grow in compared to soil? I was considering trying coco because I basically flush out my plant anyway with each feeding even in soil. My grows started getting better when I changed my watering plan.


Awesome grow buddy!


Looking good and you are going to be busy


Fantastic! Love your updates


I was growing in 2 aeroponics systems using AN perfect ph nutes. They just where not growing very well so with the clinical trial pending I moved them to coco because I thought it would be easier to manage. I think the plants would grow to big for your little grow box. You would need more room for bigger plants. Coco is really easy to grow in once you get the hang of it.