3rd Grow (2)Banana Kush, (2)Bubble Gum, (2)AK-47 and (1)Girl Scout Cookie Extreme


That is if you choose to use it as foliar spay but the math is the same roughly 2ml/L or 5ml a gallon that’s pretty funny I typically buy GP pro silicate so assumed they would have better directions add right to res at 4-5ml a gallon.


Thanks @Donaldj
Time to make the switch and see what happens. Will update on any noticeable changes good or bad.


it should make it easier for you to fine tune Cal


In soil I add 1TBS of Rhino per gallon of water every time I water.


Banana Kush is 8 weeks old
AK-47 and Bubble Gum are 7 weeks old
Girl Scout Cookie Extreme and Gold Leaf are 5 weeks old.

I have all the plants under a 500w Quantum Board light. It is getting close to setting up the other lights. I have been rotating the units so they all get the the same amount of light over time.

Banana Kush with a 1 node mainline.

Banana Kush with a 2 node mainline. You may notice some nute burns and cal excess on the lower fan leaves. Hopefully this last change corrected that problem.

Closeup of 2 node main line.

The GSCE is looking good (bottom) and starting to grow again. It seemed to have stalled for a week, but I look at them everyday so who knows. It may have been growing all along. The Gold Leaf is chugging along slowly (top). She has always looked droopy.

I cleaned up all the effected leaves of the AK and BG grows so I could tell if the change I made worked or not. So far there has been an improvement in that the bottom fan leaves are not showing any signs of cal/mag excess or deficiency.

So here what I came up with. First I wanted to keep the PPMs at or below 800. I have noticed mild nute burn at levels above this (900). I also added AN Rhino Skin to my base nutes per @Donaldj suggestion. I also reduced my cal/mag per @garrigan65 suggestion. Thanks for the help guys :rofl:

So here is the resulting formula for one gallon of water

  1. 5ml Rhino Skin
  2. 8ml Advanced nutrient Micro
  3. 16ml AN Bloom
  4. 2ml Sensi Cal/Mag extra
    PPM ended up around 800 and Ph was 6.0 so I did not adjust it. Today it dropped to 5.9 all by itself. Since these nutes are suppose to adjust themselves, I’m just letting it do its thing.

It has only been one day, but I did not see any advancement of the previous problem. So we will go from here and hope this continues to work.

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Looking great @MAXHeadRoom I’m really glad you got this grow back on track.


Hopefully you got that figured out. Seems like your on the right track my friend!



You are in no way discrediting me. We are all here to help. So no worries @Donaldju


Looks nice. I went back to the Manifold/Mainline outline and I found a part that said this might not work as well as one node. The concept of mainline is to have all buds growing off one node to let them all grow at the same speed and keeping them level because they all get nutrients at the same rate from one level. This may cause your second node (top node) to get nutrients at a different rate and cause the stems to grow at a different rate. That defeats the main idea of all buds staying at the same level so the light will hit all at the same distance and get the same energy of the lights.

I am watching this grow to see if you can make it grow on the same level at the top and give all the buds the same potency. Give her love and good care and see what you can do!


I think I do remember reading that too. I have 2 of each of the strains I am growing. So one of each strain has a one node mainline and the other has a 2 node mainline. It is a little experiment to see which one preforms better. I’m sure someone has already done this, but I wanted to try it myself.

As far as them growing at different levels, I plan on SCROGing all the plants so they will be at the same level during flower. It shouldn’t be to hard to supercrop the upper nodes to come down to the first node level and attach them to the screen.

So all the buds on the first node should be the same size and the buds developing from the second node should all be the same size. In theory of course. I will have to be careful during harvest not to mix them up so I can tell which way performed better.

Either way this method does extend your veg time by 1 to 3 weeks according to the article.


Nice looking plants, I’m sure they’re gonna end up giving a bucket load of great smoke!


Looking great @MAXHeadRoom thanks for the tag


Been too busy to read your whole thread but was wondering how your plants have responded? Hope all is going smooth @MAXHeadRoom


Sorry for the delay in responding to everyone, I was taking care of my sisters dogs and cat while they where in Florida for vacation. Its way out in the country, so I just stayed out there and came home once a day.

Lets get down to business. In my last episode I was struggling with a deficiency and excess of cal/mag. I also was struggling with the AN nutes and there ratios.

So I reduce my cal/mag per @garrigan65 suggestion and also changed to the Lucas formula and added Rhino skin per @Donaldj suggestion. I am glad to report that both suggestions worked and now have a nice looking grow going on. Thank You both, you saved my grow again.

So lets take a look.
First pic is Banana Kush at almost 10 weeks old. The veg time was increased by mainlining

The second aeroponics unit has 2 Bubble Gum and 2 AK-47. These are 9 weeks old

Last but not least is my 2 fogger grows. 1 Gold Leaf (Left) and 1 Girl Scout Cookie Extreme (Right). These are 7 weeks old.

I also have some clones brewing from the mainline trimmings. This happened in 2 days while I was gone, so I had to bust out the fog cloner and get that running again.

I have 10 clones total and I am also germinating 6 more Gold Leaf. All these will go outside for a long summer grow. I also purchased 10 + 10 free WW Autos for my Three seasons room. I can grow 5 at a time and should yield enough oil out of 5 plants to make 1-60 gram treatment that I can give to someone who has cancer. I should be able to get 2 grows a year in this room.

My current nute formula is
3 ml Rhino Skin
7 ml AN Micro
14 ml AN Bloom
4ml Cal/mag
PPM was 730

This ended up being a little to hot and a small amount of nute burn was noticable on the lower growth. So I diluted the formula in all the grows to PPM 630-580. I made another test solution for my next res change and came up with this.

2ml Rhino Skin
6ml AN Micro
12ml Bloom
3ml Cal/mag
PPM 600

Thats all for now :sunglasses:

Oh would like know how to prevent root rot. A preemptive strike so to say.

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Glad to get you back on track again was wondering when the update would come :wink: When you get into full bloom bump to 8ml micro 16 ml bloom keep Cal reduce Rhino skin to 2 ml should put you around 900 ppm this leaves room for boosters


Good to see you back my man! Always excited to see your updates too!

Just out of curiosity, what’s going on with the photon phantom boards?


Thanks again. I really love the Rhino Skin. Its making the plants very strong. At this point in the grow I am beginning to see some signs of root rot. Is there something I can do to prevent this?


Glad to see you back around!


get res temps to 68f if you are running pumps or even sonic foggers they heat up nutrient solution if you are really worried and wish to reduce odds add h2o2 29% hydrogen peroxide at about 1ml/L or standard peroxide at about 10ml/L you can increase both after a few days for system and plants to adjust. H2o2 is 10x stronger than standard store bought will bleach hands or anything it touches straight so dilute in a cup of water.
H2o2 is fairly standard practice in salt grows (not organic) should be added every couple of days to keep everything clean and bacteria free. But keeping temps down is usually enough if bacteria hasn’t started to get into roots already


I still need to buy a driver. I have all the rest of the parts. Was going with HLG-320H-C2100. As you may have noticed I put up my other light and I am dimming half of the other light for now. I have my LUX at 50,000 which should be half the brightness of direct sunlight. Today I notice the aero 1 grow the leave are starting to point upward which usually means they are trying to escape from the light. So I supercropped them down to the lower plant and will review in the morning. I may have to raise them if that continues.