3rd fan leaf missing a finger and curling?

Hello, I recently have noticed that one of the 3rd fan leaves seems to be missing a finger, but also seems to be curling under one of the 2nd fan leaf. I added this photo where you can clearly see both issues. Is this a genetics issue? Or is there an adjustment I should make? I’m growing in a 2x2x3 grow tent with a Surpsun 1000 watt LED full spectrum, at about 18 inches high, 3 gal fabric pot, FF ocean floor soil, no nutrients yet, about half a cups worth of water applied to the soil every 1-2 days (usually lighter by then)


She’s 2 weeks today as well

Wouldn’t worry she looks healthy


Okay cool thank you! I appreciate that! Calmed my nerves lol.

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Odd shaped leaves aren’t something that worries me however it can be a sign of deficiency.