3rd Day on 12/12 lighting

Trying to understand the flower stage this is a
Grease monkey clone about 2 mos. Old
Is the clone in flower?

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This is her mother.


If the clone is under 12/12 lighting then it’s going to flower. Seems like she trying to form a button head from the picture posted to it looks like she is.

If you are able to see the mother below her?
I pulled this one and and 2 others for clone 2 mos ago. Put this one in a grow box 2x2x5 by herself to see if it would produce. The other 2 are sitting still in 18/6 with the mom. A month ago I pulled 19 more clones on a table and they are all about 15" tall now. In with the mom 18/6. Lighting. Looked up button top no information, is this bad?

No it’s a good thing. It’s when they’re in full on flower. They make what look like buttons on all the tops

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