3rd Attempt...Starting to get it!

First ever post for this type of thing. White Widow Autoflower.
Two seeds (limited grow space), both plants sprouted Dec 25th nice Christmas gift!
Jan 7th - 14 Days

Jan 15th - 22 Days: Topped one plant

Jan 22nd - 29 Days: Second plant was topped

Jan 29th - 36 Days: Plant that was topped two weeks ago started to flower

Feb 5th - 43 Days: Buds on plant topped first are really starting to grow. Second plant started to flower.

Bud at 43 Days

Feb 13th - 51 days: Lesson learned…Need to back off the nutrients. Nutrient burn on both plants.

Buds at 52 days

Looking forward to harvest, I’ve more than quadrupled yield in this 3rd grow!


@CanadianGrow you are definitely getting the hang of it your lady’s are looking great well done keep it up :v:️.


Looking good :+1::heart_eyes:
I hope those buckets have a few holes, also you need to be careful whit that water on leaves, the water drops act like a magnifier glass if light is strong and the result is those white big dots.

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Nice to see another fellow Canadian getting more comfortable as laws are about to change making us less nervous about sharing :wink:


Buckets have plenty of drainage holes lower sides and bottoms. Yup, I’m learning, much more careful with the watering. Lighting is 1200 W LED full spectrum grow light. Will be adding a second LED light on next grow.


Looking good and welcome to the forum @CanadianGrow