3mx3mx2m grow tent which LED to get?

Like the title says I’ve settled on my practice tent being a 3m square tent.

Looking to pull trigger on supplies today if it all sounds good. Money not the issue. Want maximum potential yield potency etc from my ILGM bergman seeds minus human error mistakes.

Thinking for lights this HLG 550 V2 Rspec would that cover the whole 3m?

Howany plants should I aim for in such a space to theoretically maximize crop? One strain on plan to get is Bergman gold leaf.

I know lots of factors will affect growth. I want to be able to use same equipment for at least a year and rely on skill and experience growth to be the main thing that improves crops over time less so having to buy better equipment etc.

Thanks guys very exciting time!

I believe you’d need 4 of those. One of them flowers an area of 1.4m x 1.4m


That sounds about right. You could try three but four would be ideal.

I’m building 4 650 customs for a space that size

That’s about 10ft by 10 ft?

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In that 10x10 this is all you need this light is amazing and the light mover keeps you from having to have all the lights the 315 vivosun would work great in the tent without a light mover

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@Hogmaster I tried to lean that direction for a 10 x 10 but i was gonna go with 4 of the 630s and that still isn’t as much light as 2000 watt custom build I if I’m gonna go big for that size spa e might as well have the most possible… tbe cmh have the closest spectrum to the sun but the ppf is much lower and much less efficient In equall wattage if you up the wattage to bring it equivalent to the 2000 watt custom sammy strips I’ll be around 6 or 7 of those double ended 315s it sounds redicules but the math is there I’ve read the spread sheets and @dbrn and math dont lie …dont get me wrong I see you growing great weed but u gotta remember aren’t u in usually very ColD temperatures wouldn’t the reduce the need of highly increasing metabolic rates if the plants are sluggish due to low temps alreadys… u kinda need the hids for the heat as well if I remember correctly

4 550’s is even on weaker end, but would do pretty good. You can use a mover to increase coverage area like posted above too. That doesn’t really increase light density for DLI purposes, but it will help. All depends on what the individual is looking for.

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Hey I took a look and I was surprised your mentioning a 600w hps? What makes this one special? I thought 600w hps cannot penetrate more than 35cm and they generate massive heat. I’m in a very hot climate naturally and electricity is a problem here so I was thinking the rspec while costly would knock down both issues of electricity and heat control. I planned on installing a small AC but such heavy light would require bigger ac and more electricity. We really need 4 of those hlg models I showed? Or this lightrail you mentioned it basically just moves the light from one side of the tent to the other the whole time lol smart but I’m guessing it would cause lower yield cause of the reduced available light?

I can’t believe it’s 4 other boards put together and even than it only covers a little over a meter?

Hey bro 2 ideas I’m going for here. 1 optimal yield and potency possible in this 10ft X 10ft tent while lowering elec and heat as much as possible. 2nd point is to buy a system based on latest led tech that I can reverse engineer and possibly design my own custom creations for phase 2 a much bigger location. I understand the master of DIY I’d do that now but I feel first attempt I need to focus on main things and using quality standard product as my base point to learn from there for later optimization of DIY with some experience. Not sure if that made sense I’m on the phone putting kids to bed. I’ll respond later tonight but would love to speak to you more about your knowledge and recommendations! @dbrn32


The price is what I like and I can do 4 plants in my 12-20 space on the light mover I have done 10 plants no problem but 4 I can get some big plants in my area . And I’m in a colder area myself 85 is the hottest and 20-30-40s in winter it works out great for me with the light mover I can get my whole area 1 light

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not the best picture but you get the idea

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@Hogmaster so that light rail allows a smaller light to do a slightly bigger tent?


You can also consider the HLG 600h it covers a larger flower footprint.
I have 2 and they are great. If I had it to do over again I would have bought the r-spec boards separate and other components and source other options for heatsink to spread out boards a bit more for more even coverage. This one covers 6x7’ veg and its says both 4x4 or 5x5 flower coverage - don’t get that one but anyway this has more coverage than the hlg 550 for less $$ and can save another $69 if you connect the wires etc.

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Yes it has a 6 foot rail that just moves back and forth

Interesting the 600 covers more area. What about penetration? So a square 10x10ft tent would need just 2 of these in parallel and that ramp thing would move it back and forth to cover the whole tent? Sounds reasonable. How tall could my plants get in veg stage with these?