36 Watt CFL alternatives

Hi there experts!

One of our customers has two questions about the 36 Watt CFL. He is trying to find one, but they are very hard to come by.

  1. what is a good alternative for the 36 Watt CFL and which will work to get the seeds started (post germination) for an outdoor grow?

  2. once the seeds are germinated and in soil, how many hours per day would i keep the above light on? I may be able to move them to an outdoor greenhouse after they get started but still need to know what type of light and for how many hours to get them started. Then, once they’re 8” I’ll put them outside.

We await your replies experts! :slight_smile:

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A T5 florescent should work nicely. Available in about any length needed. I use this as my starter on 18/6 light cycle.:



I keep one of these in both of my tents for seedling through early veg on it’s own yoyo and store in the tent when not in use.

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Started using last grow a HLG65. worked very well thru transplant.

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My link is unauthorized but a POS China junk Amazon link is OK?


@Newt I agree, I bought one of these to start my seedlings, and currently have a clone cutting under it.
IF you also get the heating pad, be careful! I had my jiffy pods on the bottom of the tray, and with the heating pad on, the pods dried out in half a day and baked half of my germinated seeds! You might want to place a couple of strips of wood across the pad to raise the tray up 1/2inch so it’s not directly heating the floor of the dome. If temps are ok in your room (mine is in a spare bedroom on the headboard), you won’t need the pad.
And 18/6 schedule is good!
Only thing about these T5 bulbs is they are expensive if you need to replace it, so be careful! Otherwise they are great!


Just a suggestion, but a dog house heating pad works great. Like this one.