$35 DIY cloner: 40-72 clone sites

$10 - 10 gallon/low profile tote from Wally World
$5 - 10 ft 3/16” I/D air/water hose
$15 - 20-60 gallon air pump from Wally World
$5 - 4 air stones from Wally World
Optional… $2 - Hydrogen Peroxide ( diluted )

Cut List for length of air hose:

2x 22” hose
4x 4” hose
2x 6” hose


Nice, now if I had room to fit a tote in my grow…:yum:

Just add a pump and a misting head and your golden pony boy


Looks good. I would add some pvc pipe and make a spray head in 2 spots in there that comes up to the top lid area and sprays water around the top by the lids like pharmey bob said. Will get u way better plants and only cost u a few bucks more. They have youtube videos on what to do. I believe with a pump and spray heads u will get better clones. Nice job tho looks super clean.


22$ +tax

Or you could use that to create your own. It’s fun to do atleast once. Then buy what works if you need to :wink:


I haven’t had to add any of that to it, yet. I’ve ran … roughly 300 through it and only had 3 die on me (bag seed clone and the bud came out kind of weird). Other than those I’ve had great success. Why do you need the circulating pump and the misters, seriously curious.

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I would like to know the benefit as well. I have two cloners that I bought and one is set up just like yours and the other has a small recirculating pump that connect an air line connects to so it shoot aerated water, but both of them are just fill with water, no misters and they have both done well for me. I actually use the one with just air stones in it more often because it fits in my box that has a blue clone light.

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The only thing I could see from Heading recirculating pump is that I could go from veg to flour all the way through without changing my set up. Is that to say that I could take a 72 clone site set up and get at least a quarter if not a half ounce out of each one?

If so, I’ve been going organic for no damned reason I

Gives an even cloud of water inside the area, this way it’s dummy proof