35 days in, auto's look on point 👌

Amazing the difference 6 days can make. Got the fungus gnats under control using coffee and sugar in a dish and completely avoided using any type of chemical. Lights needed to be moved up a couple inches but this grow is going great so far…blurple at 29 days, green at 35 days.


It’s insane how much bushier autos get indoors compared to outdoors. I have some autos that are the same age. I have a variety of strains and none of them looks like yours. What ever you’re doing keep it up!!


How much experience do you have with autos?

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Very little this is my first year growing autos.

How about you have been growing autos for a while? I’m having fun growing these. I wish I would have Started this years ago.

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This is actually my first grow ever! I just did a massive amount of research and formulated a plan for every phase of the plants life cycle so I knew what to do for every situation that has and may arise, outside of a minor pest issue. I really kept it as simplistic ad possible and let nature take it’s course.

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I like your style… that’s the same approach I took as well.

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Girls are at day 45 and moving right along. I’m dying to trim these bushy plants but I’m just gonna let it ride.

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Day 65. Nute probs? Nothing a little haircut and pH adjustment can’t fix

OG just about ready