340W of LED at 20 days... too much?

I’m 20 days into my first (WW-F) grow:

I’ve had to increase water volume significantly recently due to a combination of a larger pot, more airflow & heat, and of course a thirsty girl…

I’m currently using 260W (~2000W equivalent) @ ~18" above, along with 2 DIY ~80W lights @ 24" in an attempt to get more light under the canopy (I figure LST will wreck the phototropism anyway so what the heck).

She seems to be quite short and squat with a lot of compact nodes forming. I plan to start LST today, but my question is: is the amount of light keeping her short? Should I back them off a bit?


Sign of too much light, for sure. I’d back off about 20% and see how the next few nodes form.


I’ve pulled the light up, started training and trimmed some less useful leaves:

not bad for 24 days since sprouting

I checked my runoff, pH 7.0 - good enough for me, EC of 2.9 !!! :joy: Time for a few flushes, though she is doing great as it is

Busy tent! Going to setup a mylar partition once I hit 12/12


I love compact nodes sure it’s a Lil harder to clean up the inner brush but they tend to lead to the fattest densest buds


Me too!
This is the first time foxmatt23 has posted, WELCOME.

LST plans? see the clips available for sale (@CoyoteCody) on ebay.
Adjustable Lst Clips | eBay
Recommended for ease and training.


I’ve had the same issue with HLG. Uber tight nodes have their advantages, bit ease of LST isn’t one of them. Back off on the distance or intensity of the light and let those girls stretch some.

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Out of interest, is there an upper limit to the number of colas you can create from one plant? I guess it depends on how long you can keep her in veg?

No real limit to how many but there are thoughts on maximizing the amount each cola can produce. It may be @MeEasy @AfgVet @kaptain3d @Not2SureYet who dabble in the mainlines and other training techniques - wish I could recall who it was who had the “best number” input. Maybe @Arrow but he’s not active here anymore


Thanks for the tag @Graysin :grinning: @foxmatt23 i like the number 8 on colas it seems to make nice fat ones not so big they rot all the time but not small where you spend 4 hours trimming at harvest. The key is more buds the smaller they will be, especially growing organic like I do. With synthetic nutes you can obviously go much further. Then there’s monsters that can be grown outside, the sun makes an amazing difference. These are two manifolds with 8 tops each


In my experience, there’s no limit to the amount of colas you can get, but there’s a “limit” to the total weight a plant can produce…
So if your plant has the potential for a pound of buds, and you grow 16 colas, you’ll get colas that weight 1 ounce each… if you do 32 colas, they should weight half an ounce each…

The problem you might run into is this: more colas equals more leaves… so less airflow and more humidity… :nerd_face:


Has anyone tried putting a small fan (i.e. 80mm PC fan) under the canopy to improve airflow/humidity? My water goes straight into the ground so that shouldn’t be an issue.

I’m keeping inner foliage down to help things:


Thanks @Graysin @kaptain3d and @Arrow are my go to for mainlining. I will only offer my thoughts. I would start with no more than 8 colas for your first. It is easy to talk our selves into wanting more. But these can get out of control fast. I have tried a couple times and still have not got a clean plant like it should be. Mine start of great. Then some ho end up as bushes. You really have to keep up on these once they start to grow. And a smaller plant will make this more enjoyable to do. Or that is my feelings.
Also, you don’t need to worry about humidity till you are in flower. Up till then. Lots of humidity is good :grin:


@Not2SureYet Thank you for your thoughts! I’ve been keeping the humidity at ~50% for now, what is a good number to aim for during flower? I believe I have 8 side nodes plus a mess of nodes on the main stem.

So perhaps too much for a first grow… :grimacing:

Can I ask what specifically is the challenge with many colas? I’ve been pruning the new nodes forming under the canopy but have left most of the new growth on the ScrOG nodes alone, thoughts?

I have the horizontal spread about where I want it, now the nodes need to grow upwards, I expect another month of veg at least, I expect at some point she will decide she is flowering even without 12/12 light. Any insights on when this might happen, and what to look out for?

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How true. The worst sunlight recieving spot in my yard grows better than my tents with 1000meterWatts doing 12/12. Now wind and rain will be the next problem.


In flower I can only get down to 50% with my de humidifier. I was saying since you are in veg there. You didn’t need it. For a lot of branches. You really have to stay on top of things. Other wise these will keep making more side branches. I had short node spacing between my tops here. The issue with that was that when thy grew upwards. It was to tight and ended up more like a regular plant. It was hard to get in to see just what I needed to remove. I got to a point later on that I just let it grow out and figured I had learned a little more for how to do the next one better. For more tops. I wild have went every other to every 3rd node out for the new ones. To give more space for me to work and the plant to grow.

This is week 7

And week 9


I learned what the Captain was saying with my one photoplant.

60 main colas, yielded about 8.5 dry ounces


Day 30: I cleaned her up further to get more air over the soil.

I’ve had to prune 2/3 of new nodes, there are just way too many, pulling energy out of the main growth.


@Not2SureYet Thanks for the info, my node spacing is insane, maybe every 1"…
I’ve been removing new nodes once they get big to safely remove, right now I’m averaging about 6 a day. Does that technique sound OK? I’m not sure what stresses the plant more, gradual pruning each day, of bulk pruning, say once a week.

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Def feel like it got outta control lmfao. My first grow !


That will be one heck of a harvest :saluting_face:

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