34 plants 10 haze#1.. 9 ak48..10 lemon og and 5 free seeds



34 plants?! Can’t wait to get on this level…I will definitely be stopping by frequently to gain some ideas on your grow and please don’t be a stranger on mine 1st time growing anything EVER!- ILGM Chocolope Fem
By the how do you select what to grow? It took me damn near 2weeks to select what to grow and I chose chocolope based on ratings/reviews on potency as well yield


I think you made a good call on the Chocolope @Skylives07! I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Sweet set up @ScareCrows26


Looking awesome, if only I had enough room to be on this level! Happy growing!


Wow 34, are you doing a sea of green? If not, how long you plan on vegging for, cause it’s going to be a beautiful jungle in that room. This is definitely a must watch grow for me. Looking good so far.


Wow! That’s a lot of plants! Hope all goes well for you…


Wow…thats about all I can say. Be a long time before I have room to grow on that level. Please post your progress. This is one grow I want to watch. Thanks for sharing with us.


Wow :flushed: good luck :wink: buddy !! Looks great


Wow, very nice :wink:


Way, way too many plants for me. But good luck with it!



The grow space it’s a tenth of 1.5×1.5 meters And a corner of the rom of 2×2metres
The tent have a led from mars hydro 320 700w and a 250w cfl for veg period what will be for 3 months ther is 10 haze1 seed and 5 free
And the corner I have 2 600w hps because all 19 plant’s are autoflower


All nutrients are ph prefect after 91 days i will move all the plant’s from the tent in the corner for flower period the haze 1 and 5 free seeds all are feminizate seed


I have a few seeds bank near me soo I go direct to the source all time buy seed what I like full strength on thc or cdb or yield
Ak48 is auto flower lemon og the same in 91 days I harves the goodies this time I buy 30 seed and 29 sprowd from 30:slight_smile :sunglasses::sunglasses:

The 5 free seeds all are grow four fun to see what type is


I wish I had that much room , still wouldn’t grow that many but that’s me. I do think you’ll have better luck with fabric pots, but still it’s gonna be a ton of weed no matter what. Please please keep me tagged in on this thanks @ScareCrows26

I just dropped a lemon og fem photo last night. Realy looking forward to that.


I cant use fabric pots to much mess in the grow room and the possibility of mold


And the soil is made to retain 2 liter of water in the pot now and is exact the amount of what ii feed the plant’s


I see alot of work in your future… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


The auto flower ak 48 and lemon og from 25 til now in 18 days have


And the haze 1