32 X 32 tent questions

@anewguy I would grow one plant with a 6" fan. You probably have no venting system so you will need to use the tent opening as a vent to release humidity and heat and add fresh air. I usually clothespin my flap about 1/3 open during the day. Light can still reflect that way. I hope your light is dimmable.
Good luck and have patience

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Thanks! A big question has been how many plants? I’m so afraid I’ll kill everything and not have a back-up, or two! I think I’ll sprout three or four, and cull the weakest at repotting. Maybe I could start an auto or two late in veg?
The manufacturer says a four inch fan is correct. I’m buying one that moves over 200 CFM. My 32" x 32" x 63" encloses about 38 cubic feet. Even changing air once a minute will leave me plenty of cubic feet to loose on corners and filters and maybe slower speeds. I don’t know. What do you think?

sounds like a good plan. I have a 36x36x48 tent and I tell you, I wish I had more height. Adjusting my lights drives me crazy

For my first small grow (Northern Lights Auto and Gold Leaf Auto) I’m planing on using peat/perlite/compost in equal parts. I grow my own compost from fall leaves, grass clippings, assorted weeds, and kitchen scraps. My compost is pretty nutritious so I don’t expect to have to feed except maybe once during flowering, or if heavy rains wash out the natural nutes. I’m keeping the plants small by using <1GL of soil per plant because it’s just for personal use, and to avoid detection in my guerilla locations. Please let me know if my recipe is amiss.

FullDuplex, a celebrated Autoflower breeder, has a theory that root constriction encourages the plants to start flowering earlier. Since you have no other means to trigger flowering, and you’re already leaning toward a small grow, I’d consider using fabric pots. At a large (20 gallon plus size) you can roll the sides down to great a shallower planter. Fill that with a premium blend (like you already plan to) and you should be in business.

I like to layer with progressively hotter soils from the center out. You can also top-dress with various amendments, but a healthy microbiology is probably the most important ingredient.

I’m assuming you’re concerned about people finding your crop and stealing it, because you’re in a situation that is otherwise legal. The old trick is to tack a $5 bill to a tree in a really obvious spot, and if it’s still there a season later, you stand a good chance of being safe. These days you can use more sophisticated things like remotely connected trail cameras.

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Thanks for the ideas, KC! It’s recently legal here in NY since the gov signed a bill to let us grow 6 plants at a time. I’ve waited patiently for legalization while paying $25 per eighth oz of inconsistent quality on the street. I guess I’m sorta paranoid because of an old conviction for a few boat trips to S.America in my distant youth. Anyway, I am concerned about somebody stealing a plant, and about the deer and rabbits. I’m thinking I’ll need to protect the babies with chickenwire. I’m only putting 1 plant per stealth location to spread the risk. If it doesn’t rain, I’ll get in great shape off-road biking to water the locations. Thanks again.