315 CMH hanging height?


I’m running a vivosun 315 CMH in my 3x3x6 tent, with a 4 inch exhaust, I’m in veg and about a month from seedling, at the moment I got I set at the highest point in the tent, now the plant hasn’t been stretching as much I would of thought, but info or advice on hanging distant in veg and in flower? I’ll post a pic of how they look with the light as high as it will go.


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You want to pay attention to your internode spacing ideally is roughly 1inch.

You want more stretch? Turn the light down or raise it.

To much stretch? Lower light or power up.
Plants don’t need alot of light in veg just enough to control node spacing.

Sounds like to much lighting in veg stage to be honest.

That’s the thing the nodel spacing is already really close and I got the light as high as it will go, I just wasn’t sure if I could drop the light closer in veg for better growth?

Does it have a balast on it? To turn down?
If not then your stuck…
Playing God is hard at times, you get better as you level up :wink:

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It does have a balast but the model I got is a budget light, and is not dimable lol, but I’ll keep playing with it