3000w led light

I have a 3000w led light and a 3x3x6 grow tent how far away from new seedlings should light be?


36" is where iā€™d have it

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Im repotting tomorrow in 3 gallon pots w ff soils mixed w perlite. By chance do u kno anything about rapid start??

I use RS for my clones and seedlings in a DWC

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Member 420 how much rs per gallon of water

I use the small bottle 30ml ,10 + - drops in 2.5 gal. You want it to branch-out the roots. I only use rapid start on seedling and clones to get the roots jumpstarted, to $$$ to use when not really needed

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is it 3000w actual? or 3000w advertised?

Idk its a vander 3000w led set up