3000K or 4000K Quantum Board

Was going to buy this. Should I get the 3K or 4K? I have a 4x2 tent. 1 plant.


3000k will work fine for both veg and flower. 4000 is a veg light mostly.

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If you plan to use it for veg and flower, choose 3000. If for veg only, 4000. Either will work, but 3000 is better for flowering.

LOL… I’m an echo today.:sunglasses:

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Going to save the $25 and put that bad-boy together?
And get the 3000k :mage:

I plan on using it for the whole grow. So 3K it is. Yup going to save the 25$ and assemble my self. Can’t be to hard. @boardsbird


@dbrn32 is the man to ask about lights.

I agree go with 3000k. One 135 kit is a little weak for 2x4, ideally you would want two of them.

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@dbrn32 what if I put it into a 20x36x62 tent? I thought that light would be good enough if I was only doing 1 plant? But I guess I have to factor in the tent size? I was eventually going to get another 135 QB if I decided to do 2 plants? Would 2 be more that enough for 2 plants or still a little weak? Been surging all over for a 2x3x6 tent but I can’t seem to find one. This is the best I found. Also what is the ideal size tent for 2 plants? My 2x4 or the 20x 36 I’m thinking about purchasing Amazon.com

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Sizing lights should be all about par over area and not how many plants you intend to run. That size tent is really in between needing 1 board and two. You can go for one, just leaves you a little lower than recommended intensity.

I have a 2x4x60 it’s a good tent they have a lot of sizes

Topolite. Next order is 36x36x72 topolite then figure it out which qb is best 4 my set up 2 plant set up

320xw Qb looking at this one any ideas budget 500 this one is 400 thank. Stop

@dbrn32 I ordered the 20x36x62 tent. Since I’m just starting out with one plant the 135 QB should be more than enough in there right? If and when I decide to go with 2 plants I will order another 135 QB kit. And break the 2x4 tent back out. I just want to make sure I didn’t waste my money and should have just spent the extra money for a more powerful light. I was drinking and reading a post in the forum that if I could remember correctly the company did recommend 2 x 135 QBs over 1 x 260 because the guy was going to do 2 plants in a 2 x 4 tent. So in my dazed and confused state of mind I made an impulse buy with out really asking any questions. Or doing more research. I also have a 600 watt full spec LED that draws 260 watts.

@Stop I have a 2x4x60 tent setup right now. I just ordered a 20x36x62. I was looking for a 2x3x6 ft tent but I could not find one anywhere. So I settled for the 20x36x62.
I pretty much have everything for my first grow. Just waiting on my 135 watt QB. Which I’m not sure when will arrive. My other tent and intake fan come tomorrow. For my tank I’m using an aerogarden to supply the food. I may start the seed with that and it’s lighting. I was hoping to get max yeild out of my seed which is about 5 ounces. But I’m not sure if it’s possible with only a one gallon tank that the aerogarden has. Cause I’m guessing for the plant to get that size I would need more room for the roots. So on my next grow I will probably be getting a 5 gallon hydro bucket.

Also to maybe help with your decision even though I’m not close to being an expert. I did read that the company recommended that a person on here go with 2x135 watt QB lights over 1 x 260 to account for the different plant heights and lower to each plant accordingly. Which is why I ordered just one for now for one plant. But my tent is to big so I ordered a smaller one. In a future grow my plan is to do 2 plants. At that point I’ll order another 135 QB and pull my 2x4 tent back out.

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You can do it however you want. I was just commenting on performance of light in space you asked. I’m not sure when or what was recommended by who at what point without a reference. Last I looked a 260 kit was cheaper than buying two 135 kits without there being a big difference in performance. If spending more to gain some flexibility is reasonable for someone, I wouldn’t argue.


dbrn35 hello today.Im going to stay with a two plant set up 2veg and 2 in flower tent 3x3x6.5 I like the idea of one light per plant I will bend them over and let them get bushy if 2 lights will do a3x3x6.5 I’m in.these lights are only for flower I have lights for veg. Tent orders waging on help to choose the right for big bud. Thanks. Stop

Just like I posted above. You have a reputable light manufacturer that makes a light specifically designed for a 3x3. There’s a member here that flowered 9 plants under one of them in a 3x3. So it really doesn’t matter if you have 1,2,4,9, or 16 plants in there. If you want to spend a little more to specifically have two fixtures, there’s nothing wrong with that.

dbrn35 Thanks if one light will do so be it I’m in a test phase any way one light for the first grow. And do you by them from the link above.big bud or not I’m having a blast not in any hurry but I think she is.

I’m thinker 2weeks then12/12 any imput wellcome. Thanks stop

@dbrn32 I am taking your advice totally. I had already purchased that light. Then you told me that’s not enough light for my space. That’s why I bought a smaller tent. I didn’t want to make another light purchase right now. It was another 100$ more than to buy another tent. Since I’m such a noob. I want to make sure I got enough light in my new space for one plant to get max yeild. I know there are many variables besides just light. Lights are not cheap so I don’t wanna waste money if I needed to get a more powerful one. But I do want 2 lights eventually for 2 plants. So would 2 135 watt QBs be all I need later if I move up to two plants or should I invest in more? I trust you totally and anything you have to give I greatly appreciate it.

What I really would like to know is how much light watts you would put in a 2x4 tent? If I had 2 135 QBs is that plenty or should I have went with more? If you recommend more then my next purchase will be a more powerful light. But I do want to have 2 lights. I will give this light to my kid if It’s not enough. And get the 2 lights you recommend. Sorry if I’m rambling but I’ve had a few coors

Two 135 kits is pretty much the same thing as the 260 kit I recommended. A 135 kit is 120 watt driver, one board, and a single heat sink. A 260 kit is a 250 watt driver, two boards, and a double heat sink. So the short answer is yes. If one option is good, than so is the other.

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@dbrn32. Thank you. Sorry if I was was being a pain. I miss read your above reply and didn’t take it as you recommending a 260 for my space.

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