3000 ppm 5.6 ph and great growth!

anyone else get 1600 ppm in veg and week 2 of flower up to 3000 ppm and growth is CRAZY!!! BIG BUD strain…thoughts? GH Trio, Armor Si, Calmag, florablend, Liquid Koolbloom, bioroot, Floralicous Plus, & Great White…5.6 PH DWC with 2 airpumps and a lot of airstones.

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I’ve used GH Flora series for four years now and grow mostly in an ebb and flow hydro system. I have never had the PPM’s that high. I’m currently growing some LSD and they’re in veg at day 42. My ppm’s are at 920 and ph as close to 5.8 as possible. At one time I was adding many things like you but the mix would cause higher ppm’s than what I wanted. If you’re growing in a hydro system and using the three main nutes of GH then you really don’t need to add cal-mag unless needed. All the nutes should be in the three already. In veg. I’m only using the main three nutes with nothing added. Here’s the chart I go by which is from GH using a recirculating system. Once in flower I’ll add Liquid Koolbloom. I noticed that if I added a sweetener it would cause some foaming. You can see the advised levels are a lot lower than what you’re using. I also will use florakleen between weeks in flower.

Would like to see some pictures. A couple pictures of my grow.


I followed that same one first grow…then I just followed the max dose listed on the back of each bottle and growth is 10 times what it was using that chart I used before too…no burn either so looks good so far

ok ill post a few pics soon


Were both grows from the same strain. Some strains will tolerate higher ppms and some won’t.

Tds/ppm meter being used and date of last calibration?

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That was my first question.

So okay; let’s assume you are really at 3,000 ppm: what’s the point? You are only wasting unused nutrients and throwing money down the drain, literally.

I used the full range in Promix last summer and harvested over 14 oz of primo flower from one plant in a 4 1/2 month grow. My highest TDS was 1,050.

Yes; some plants will tolerate higher numbers but you will eventually hit one that will nuke the plant. Plus; I’ll bet @NTMAREMACH and my finished flower is much smoother even with a flush.

All of that said; if you are running uber-high intensity lights in a closed system with CO2 then sure, that will work okay. Even then the CO2 growers are under 2k.

So how about some particulars? Pictures, system, lights, spectrum, strain, environment, space, etc. It didn’t happen without pictures haha.


Spiking around 1.5 ppt with co2

With little salt build up inside containers.

Imagine double that? Half the nutrients are laying in the totes

Sounds to me like your res is where your testing and the circulation pump has failed or is not big enough to circulate the nutrient solution through the system.
Test in all pails to see if it’s the same throughout the system.
Also when switching to flower nutes you use nutes for the water added to system and not for the whole system’s volume.
It’s best to drain and fill system with new water and flowering nutes at the switch to flower from veg.

This is what I’ve learnt from trying to use many additives compared to the way I do it now. If I was planning on making up 20 gals. of nutrients which is what I wanted I would measure out everything I was adding according to the schedule for 20 gals. By the time I added everything I wanted my PPM’s were through the roof. I had to end up adding so many gallons of water to get the ppm’s down to the level I wanted which was about 1050 I ended up with about 40 gals in the reservoir. I really only needed about the 20 gals. so when it came time to change the reservoir to the next weeks schedule it was twice the work emptying it for me and a complete waste of extra nutrients. If I want about 20 gals. in the reservoir and I was adding extra like koolbloom or others I would plan on mixing for 10 or 15 gals instead of 20 or 25.

You only have to top off the res. If its 5 gals low mix 5 gals using the new weeks schedule and through that week if topping off use that schedule. And it’s best to at least get a shot glass measuring cup or better for mixing nutrients.
It’s a total waste to change whole system every week in hydro.
If ph stays stable then just top off as needed. If ph swings down fast empty and refill.
I actually do 2 or 3 complete res change through a grow is all.

Use something like this. Makes it easy to properly mix nutrients. There are smaller ones that only got 30ml in increments of 5ml for smaller needs.

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I veg 3 weeks and 1.5 weeks in flower…had to trim lot of leaves and a few bud sites…then I decided to put a net to hold them down cause 6’ 3’x3’ tent was to small I think since still have a few weeks stretch left. idk but grew same strain last time and vegged 5 weeks and was smaller…2 cheapo led lights from ebay…not an expert only my 2nd grow but seems like this time growth is double what it was last time… just following max dose listed on back of nute bottles seems to be better than the cannabis grow schedule I used last time

maybe using max dose through veg made the plants build up tolerance or able to use more nutes or something i dont know?

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What type of meter are you using. I use a Blue Lab meter that lets you set the ppm reading to either 500 or 700. I set it at 500 like most but if I set it at the 700 my readings would be higher. Once you know what reading you’re using you can check the ppm reading by putting the meter into this solution. I clean my meter once a month and I make sure when cleaning it that I have a reading of about 1385 set at the 500 ppm range. You may want to check your meter. Here’s the solution I use along with their cleaning kit for both PPM and PH.

I even have back up meters.

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