300 L R spec advice

Per hlg’s recommendations on their website they say 1/300l r spec will cover two and a half by 2 1/2 or 3 x 3 for flower would this be enough light in a 3X3 full for flower looking for a second tent set up as I have two in my first tent and one spare was debating whether to buy a second for the 3X3 tent any advice would be greatly appreciated I’m leaning towards buying another website says one will put out 700 ppfd

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I believe one will do 3x3 fine but the guru @dbrn32 will give a 100% an might have some different options


It’s an excellent light for 3x3. Enough light that you can hit recommended dli on 12 hour schedule without providing so much light that requires supplemental co2 to make use of.


Layman’s terms: “Hurry up and take my money!!”


Most definitely

No I’ve heard about people doing supplemented like Oxygen and I think carbon monoxide to feed your plants is that really a thing

Yes people do give there plants supplemental CO2 to get better yields.

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Now CO2 is oxygen we breathe out carbon monoxide I believe and isn’t that what plants basically breathe do you give it that too I’ve heard that it makes like thicker denser buds or is that where the CO2 comes in

Yea in a nutshell. I am on another forum and a peep I am following is doing CO2 with his plants.

Now how does that work I don’t really understand how you would put something like that on a timer also do they keep their tents sealed up or are they vented

Never said he was doing it in a tent. He has regulators for the CO2 and is doing in a barn.

Yeah but then how could you keep it contained to where the plant would get lots of benefit out of it I mean sure it might not be in a tent but if it’s in say a room the size of a small bathroom it would still have to kind of be sealed up or like pump the whole big old scuba diving tank in there or something right or no I mean really I don’t know I’m just curious I’ve just got friends at talk about that stuff and I’m pretty sure I can find canisters of air but I don’t think I can find a canister of carbon monoxide for carbon dioxide whatever it is that we breathe out

All right I had to Google it lol felt stupid so you’re telling me he’s pumping in clean air into basically and open building or drafty and it’s helping his grow that’s pretty crazy keep me posted if you could or at least post some pictures of me have him send them to you I don’t know

@Kaleb1 You might want to start a new thread about this topic for other people to join in. Right now this is going off topic from what this thread was meant to be.

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Absolutely and if yet ever see me going off topic please let me know I have too many questions fixing to start a new one now

10 inches near the edges and 14 inches center MAX any closer you’ll get light bleached bud tips at max strength during flower. I usually start at 32 inches at 40% for seedlings 50-60% 1 week in then slowly increase the knob as they get hardened to the light. You don’t need c02 for such a small grow just a decent ducting style exhaust fan

DUDE still works for 10% discount. At least it did a week ago

Plants use carbon dioxide and convert to oxygen.

I agree there is probably better topic for co2 discussion.