$300 amazon gift card and a light?

If you had $300 credit at amazon, what is THE best all around light available for the $(has to fit in a 4x4 tent)…???

Does it have to light the entire 4x4? $300 isn’t a lot of budget for that much space.
I have one of these in my 2x4 clone/veg tent, works well in a 2x4, but wouldn’t light your whole tent.

and it just happens to be $300.

In my flower tent, which is also 2x4, I run an HLG 260XL RSpec coupled with an HLG 135 RSpec. But I don’t think that would really be enough for a 4x4.

Good luck in your hunt.


No sir! Just fit inside there!
Thanks! I’m taking all advice I can get!
I really need two areas to do clones anyway. Only my second grow right now and these are autos, I already don’t believe I’m going to like the autos,and that clones are the way to go with fastest turn over and the best plants. I have 3 led lights already that are middle shelf or lower. What I would like is one GOOD light that would flower two plants well.
I don’t feel like what I have now gets all the potential out of the plant. I was looking at this one…lol…lost it…I’ll be back with a link​:joy::joy::joy:

Crazy is one I have makes almost the exact numbers as the spider farm you mentioned…I had been looking at that one today btw!:+1:

@Newt ??

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Answer me this. If it is advertised to flower a 5x5 space why is a 2x2 PPFD map shown?


Because a 5x5 PPFD map would show that it’s totally inadequate to flower 5x5, or 4x4, probably not great in a 3x3 either so had to go for the 2x2 test LOL and why gotta say it’s 4000 watts, just say it’s a freaking 400 watt light (if it’s even that). Funny Chinese light companies. Even the 2x2 PPFD map looks horrible for an alleged 400 watt light.


Apply the gift card toward this, will have no regrets, think of it as an investment.



Exactly. I have a 400w light I use over a single scrog frame. Its avg PPFD at 22" covering 24x24" area 993


I’m very skeptical.

There have another one,(hlg) which is smaller,and it’s round, was looking at it today,could take up enough for it…but had some questions…and now I can’t find the damn thing again…smdh

This! Great light.

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I didn’t even read
I saw “Amazon” and thought oh ffs…not them, but maybe…r
I scrolled until I saw the red HLG

Thanks @Hellraiser for saying what I thought

The only thing I’d add, is if you need a tent, I can recommend an AC Infinity if you can get through your gift card

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I’ll start by saying this isn’t my preference across the board but to suit what you need:

A big single light - 400 watts so not “wow” but not horrible for $200 ($250 plus a $50 off coupon)

Or the better (in my opinion) track - 2x 200 watts (variable height options for different sized plants) - it would be $150 per light, with a $40 off coupon (this is interesting because I just bought this light on the 20th and used the same coupon, it looks like it would let me do it again, so you may be able to get away with buying 2 for $220 instead of $270)


Again let me reiterate this is not my average lighting recommendation- I’d sooner Buy an HLG or a KingBrite, but neither is readily available on Amazon for $300 or less.


Exactly the advice I’d hoped for @Graysin .
I had looked at these as well…and some others that used the same diodes and the same brand driver, this leads me to another question…I found some others that use those components,would you trust another brand that used those and claimed same outputs?

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Btw,I agree on the two smaller panels over the 22x22.
I may just jump on those today.
Much appreciated :+1::+1::v:

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Man should have hunted last night and got some hlg 260xls or some 320s for there. They had a nice sale last night.
Spider farmer
That’s be about the line for off brand ones is enfun king Brite or spider. Hlg being Bout the best out there So far


@Graysin …nope on the coupon twice…have to use the ol lady’s account.

I actually just bought this light for my veg tent as I was on a budget. I just now went and added another one to my cart to see if I could use the coupon again and it let me. Maybe you have to wait till the first one gets shipped. I’ll have my light on Monday so unfortunately I can’t take readings and give them to you yet @trj7714


:+1::+1:I went for the two smaller ones he mentioned.
And ordered the second one thru ol lady’s account.
Lol… patience,smh,not my strong suit!:joy:
And this new hobby here is deff teaching me to have some.

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