30 days from seed. What do you think?

Hey everyone!! So I’ve been patiently waiting for my critical jack auto to start to flower so I can start some ilgm white widow autos but I am starting to wonder why I am not really seeing much for signs of sex, I had one that ended up being a male about 2 month ago and at 30 days it was covered in sacs. I am still getting alot of growth still tho so I am not sure what’s going on lol. I had read a post saying that the plants won’t start flowering till the tap root hits the bottom of the pot. I did plan the seeds straight into 3 gallon pots so they have a fair bit of room to grow roots. Any input is much appreciated :slight_smile:

This first pic is from this past monday

The plant on the left is 26 days old from seed and the one on the right is 30 days old from seed.


Looking good @Tfunk
What you growing bro ?

Thanks a bunch @Countryboyjvd1971!! They are critical jack auto seeds I had from a few years back. I had tried it outdoors and they worked very well for my season but didn’t get much more than an ounce from 2 plants.

Got ya never grown auto myself I guess for a fast harvest they aren’t bad I like the control you have with photo seeds you can veg longer and get them nice and bushy
I’m going to start a couple for outdoors and let veg indoors 6 to8 weeks them put them out in the spring :+1::sunglasses::v:
I’m outta likes bud lol


I really like the idea of using photo seeds but I went with auto just cause I have them lol. I have never had much luck with outdoors. Everything I try the plants only start flowering in September to October and we are get freezing temps in October to November so they never have enough time to finish outside. Not sure if I was doing something wrong or what lol but autos just seemed like the logical step to take lol

I would like to start up some photos to have some mothers but I will wait on that to get a couple more grows under the belt before trying cloning :slight_smile:

Got ya yeah if you have em grow them lol
Yeah I have same weather here in Ny freezing temps possible starting early to mid October
That’s why I going to start inside and have big ones to move out side
Should have nice harvest doing that

OK so how much daylight do you have when they start flowering cause September 25 is when I have 12 hours of daylight this year where I live.

@Tfunk do any of those appliances emit light?

@Fever The fan doesn’t and the Humidifier that the fan is sitting on is not plugged in but it would give off light. I haven’t had to use it in the tent though. Humidity is a constant 50-60% also I am running 20 on 4 off current dropping it down to 18/6 and possibly more if they don’t show signs of flowering in the next few weeks.

Are they autos? I had a blueberry auto flower that did not have the auto characteristics so I had to finish it like a feminished photo period plant, considering they are hybrids from cross breeding. It’s very possible that if it not showing pre-flower by week 3-5 than it might need to be induced by changing light schedule. I’m no expert but I did have this happen in a batch of seeds I bought.

@yoshi They are fem autos or atleast are supposed to be. The ones I grew a few years ago worked well. I had the seeds stored for 4-5 years and popped one that turned out to be a male which I kept long enough to get a decent bit of pollen. But he flowered accordingly seen obvious signs of preflower by week 3-4 but these 2 seem to be showing sex slightly but not seeing any hairs at all. My plan was to keep shifting my light 30 min shorter every 2-3 days till I get 18 hrs light then I will see if they have Hairs. If not then I think will will try flipping to 14 hrs light. I was also wondering if storing seeds can cause genetic flaws from being out of “prime” or if they just are what they are and age just affects germination mainly.

I’m no expert, I only know what I experienced. Auto flowers should show signs of flowering in between week 3-5 .

Much appreciated @yoshi I had read your thread where you had the same thing happen with an auto. If my plants don’t show any hairs in the next week or 2 I will just flip them to flower :slight_smile: once again thank you for sharing your personal experiences with this problem.

Just in my experience I had that happen and it was in a journal here on my amnesia and blueberry grow. Yes I’ll just put in a gradule time change to 12\12 and keep an eye on it!

How fast of a time change would be to fast? I am hoping I can get away with 30 min every day or 2 cause I don’t want these ladies to get to much bigger.

Well I suppose I jumped the gun on the whole situation lol. Since this morning the plants have shown their true colors. In the above picture the left one is a girl and the one on the right is male.

Here’s the determining pictures

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In the first pic, I think I see both male and female indication…If you have other plants I would remove the hermie away from them and the male, or if its gonna be your only plant after throwing the male out, you can try to keep the hermie and pick the pollen sacks off. Sometimes they stay female, its worth a try if not growing other plants that can be pollinated

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@Dr.DankThumb420 thank you for your thoughts on the pics I was curious if she may be a hermie but the male has been pulled an she/it is the only plant left. In the last 2 months I have had 2 of 3 end up male so I am probably gonna keep this one even if it is a hermie. I am gonna be using it to make RSO for my grandpa so seeds won’t matter if anything could save some. Just means I have to hold off on getting my ilgm white widow autos going.

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I have also been watching as I train her and I haven’t seen anymore signs of male parts just more and more hairs

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