3 zkittles auto

We are crusing along in week 10 - all three planted at the same time but on very different schedules.

The furthest along looks like it may e ready to cut off the nutrients and get reasy to chop in a few weeks.

started to noticed some yellowing of the leaves after the most recent plain watering in between feedings.

Ocean forest and happy frog mix - fox fam nutrients- ph at 6.7- 6.8

Any suggestions on harvest time and the yellowing welcome! Thanks everyone


They yellow over time when maturing or almost ready. you have white hairs still that need to turn and recede back into bud.
she will do a little plumbing up. You have the right time in mind. keep checking her tricomes :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you don’t already have one get a hand held microscope that does at least 60× magnification different color tricombes have different effects but i think its a 30% amber colored 70% milky white colored that most growers go for on harvest