3 white widows & 2 pink lady’s

My condolences MadCandy. You flush with plain water last two weeks. They look good for babysitting themselves, they didn’t even get into anything either :grin:
You done well given everything you’ve gone through with them and in life. Much Love Lady! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you @Enlightened420

Really appreciate it :slight_smile::green_heart::green_heart:

Thanks for always helping out!

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Thank you @ValiumZ :green_heart:

Good to hear from you, how are you going??
Are you doing better? I hope so

Yes I flushed with just plain water for 2 weeks
I’m glad they were old enough to look after their selves haha

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Anytime Sister :ok_hand:
Just know that we got your back in this difficult time, you are not alone, many here have felt your pain and can empathise.
If you ever need to talk, or just get some chit off your liver feel free to drop into Brian’s thread…


I am great, thanks for asking. Been taking it easy and got another grow on the go!