3 white widows & 2 pink lady’s

Did you check your run-off ppms and PH with your big girls? Don’t give up just yet, flushing only resets things so they don’t die.
They’re weeds, they’ll grow even when you don’t want them to :sweat_smile:
Happy dance for you on your flip :partying_face::clap:
Relax girl just keep your ppms good and ALWAYS check PH before you feed.
Hahahahaha lordy 15 is a mini forest… i love it! :heart_eyes:


This last grow has been 100% organic and I will tell ya what, I am hooked. I hate flushing my plants, HATE. I live in a not legal state and I feel like a crazy person running around trying to hide plants from my son well flushing. like stated above, ppm and ph, long as those are right the ladies will grow.


Thanks mate!! @Enlightened420
Went strawberry picking at wolvi was a nice day! Hope you had a good Father’s Day :slight_smile:
Yeah it will keep me busy, hopefully they will do better! :joy: I better start digging holes now :sweat_smile:

So embarrassed but here goes @Axemanjake23

I’m doomed I’m telling you :cry:

The other girls!

Nah I didn’t I know one was higher like 7.3 so when I flushed them I did 6.2ph my son has been sick so I was in a rush so never checked ro
Let’s hope you’re right because I feel like I can’t even look after weeds weeds haha
Yeah thanks for the reminder I have been triple checking my ph​:woozy_face: :laughing:

Yeah a mini forest :deciduous_tree: :deciduous_tree: :deciduous_tree: what am I thinking!! Haha :sweat_smile: atleast my son can stop asking me why I have a plant incubator :face_with_hand_over_mouth::lying_face:


Happy birthday girl :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:
Do u have Calmag in your feeds? When my girls go light leaves I add a little extra ( Max 5ml in 3.5lts ).
Remove your fully damaged leaves they yellow ones with brown spots and leave the rest, watch them amend over the next week. :sunglasses:
@Hellraiser has an extensive journal with a wealth of information and advice, it’s long but definitely worth reading. He’s humble and always assists new growers even if he’s been asked the same thing a zillion times.
You got this girl, they’ll be pushing buttons soon :heart_eyes:


they look hungry. If u flushed and then fed they should turn around fast. I


Not so yellow now 5 days into flower…

12/15 3 more to pop up

I need to read up on The flowering stage as I haven’t yet! Ha :see_no_evil:is this how you super crop? the 1st 2 weeks you crop and can you still LST? or do you release the tie downs


Looking good :sunglasses: as for super cropping I watched kyle kushman chiropractics on u tube he’s the man when it comes to super cropping :raised_hands:
You want to do it in veg in preparation for flower so the stems have nice strong knuckles to carry weight.
Usually growers only bend the stem in flower if its going to touch the light and you have no choice… relax girl no beating them up in flower :sweat_smile:
Lst is great from veg too but if you’re in flower be careful the stems will be stronger and therefore easier to break, have some good honey on hand just in case… oh and bandaids hahahahaha yep only the best for your girls :wink: Lst is the best for letting light all over your babies and giving them the best chance possible for great buds.
Your little forest is coming along beautifully :heart_eyes::clap::raised_hands:


Thank you babe I will check him out.

Yeh the knuckles look good!
Okay cheers I don’t know why I was thinking to supercrop the first 2 weeks of flower lol

Okay deep breaths! Lol

Would aloe be the same as honey? Lol bandaids… tick… hahaha
I’m so nervous about my forest Haha

Thanks for the information oh and thanks for wishing me a happy birthday and I don’t use calmag


Aloe is apparently just as magic as honey so you should be good there :wink:
Im cheerin for you girl, your forest will be epic :raised_hands:


Happy belated birthday!!! :partying_face:

Hoping all is well with you!!!

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They are looking really healthy!
Awesome job on the torture- they will really respond fast!!! :sunglasses: :upside_down_face:

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Just remember madcandy.pot plants dont grow deep.just tap root.it takes 1 bag of ocean forest in the bottom, 2 more bags happyfrog to fill my holes.for 1 plant…go foot out from the stalk and pour your water around the plant,so your roots will grow to the water,bigger the root system, bigger the plant.what your email again or email me.ill send you a video.

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Hi @MadCandy this thread just came up.
Hope your getting on top of that yellowing now.
Pretty amazing day to have a birthday.
Right on fathers day.
Good present to arrive for him each year on fathers day just yourself.
Happy birthday anyways.
Bit late. But there you go.
15 seedlings hay woo hoo arnt you going to be busy inside and out This summer

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Hey @Budz420
Thanks they are going alright…

Yeah everything is going alright 2020 yeh😬
Hope all is well and I sent the ph meter to you last Thursday have you received it? Sorry it took me so long to send it! I’m a total slack ass and just life atm is being hectic as!
And cheers it was a sick day :partying_face:


Okay thanks mate…
I’ll email you in a minute! :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m going to dig holes 50cmX50cm (19”X19”)
Well that’s my plan…:crossed_fingers:t5: Haha let’s hope the area I’m doing isn’t rocky

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Doesn’t look too bad! Hope it goes okay!
Yeah it is, only happens when my birthday lands on a Sunday f
Cheers for the bday wishes @Blackmoon
So busy already :grimacing::scream::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Glad you had a great day!

No, I haven’t seen it yet - but I will keep an eye out for it. I’ve gotten this far without a proper pH meter :rofl:
Don’t you hate how life always gets in the way? :wink: No rush - thanks for offering it :upside_down_face: :+1:

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That’s a good size hole @MadCandy is that for 1 plant how deep.?
Its a bastard when you hit rocks.
Ive dug over a 1000 holes.
Not for weed. For revegitation planting native trees some trees over 6ft tall. They need stonking big holes.
Is the hole in your garden or gorrilla style ?
Hope you dont mind me dropping in.
Now and then.
Cheers good luck


Yeah for one plant and I’ll have to dig 15… hahah I’m thinking about being lazy and buying a few bigger fabric pots! But don’t know yet!

Yeah I have dug holes for plants and fencing posts it’s a mission! Hahaha and I know it’s rocky where I wanna dig so I’ll have to chuck the sprinkler on the area to soften it up haha :laughing:

Gorilla style? It’s just in my back yard lol

And drop in anytime I don’t mind

Omg I have the black thumb!! My mate was right! Lol

2nd week into flower and I have fed them with 6.1ph last night
And finally had the time to get Their run off :confounded::tired_face::weary::pleading_face::cry:
Kelly- 8.1
Barbie- 7.6
Yogi - 7.5
It’s totally bad!!!





Hmmmm should I wait a few days so they can feed and flush again? Or flush them tonight when lights are on… Wtf :sob::woozy_face: I’m so sad!