3 white widows & 2 pink lady’s

Hello to all the beautiful growers out there and have stumbled across my journal!
Welcome!! I hope you click watch and help a girl out with what knowledge you may have!
So my last grow journal wasn’t really a grow journal more of an information journal haha

It has taken me some time to get them up and running gosh took me awhile!! But I am organized this time (I hope) haha
But I have 3 WW (fem) Hopefully I make them pass a week old Guinness world record for me :joy:.
So this will be my first grow :crossed_fingers:t5:

The taller one is 3 days old (she is stretching I have tried to bend her)
And the 2 short ones are 2 days old

In the egg carton I have moringa (tree of life) growing
So I had a big dome on, RH was 99 but changed to cups to let the tray dry up abit
I have a heat mat (for home brewhaha) with a thermostat heat goes between 20-27.c

The light I’m using is mars hydro TSW2000W I’m only using one half atm and dimmed it right down the watts it is throwing out is like 52W. I have a watt meter helps me know where I have turned the dimmer

Now with the 2 pink lady’s my mate is giving me 2 clones I am yet to collect them. I’ll introduce them down the track.

I have a 3x3 tent

And yeah don’t know what else
Talk soon
Be safe and wash hands :wink:



Set to watch, good luck.


Thanks @Fergus :four_leaf_clover:

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Woop woop!! Good luck


Cheers @Konflict I need it! :relaxed:

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Let’s go!!

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Looking interesting. Let’s see how it goes!

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:raised_hands: lets do this…

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Fingers crossed it goes well :crossed_fingers:t5:

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Found you. Set to watch. Glad you liked the garden pictures. Once it is planted the work starts. Kind of like growing here.

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@MadCandy be carful not to over water those jiffy pop containers. What’s worked for me to avoid overwatering is I poke a few holes in the top of a 16oz bottled water and sprinkle those lil babies. Definitely has helped me to avoid any root rot and killing off the babies. They’re super sensitive at this point in their young lives!

Happy Growing :call_me_hand:t3:

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Here I am :blush:
Um yeah your gardens are awesome mate! I love them! You have skunks do they actually stink? Haha we just have koala bears, possums and kangaroos haha


Cheers! I so hope I don’t over water them my worst fear! Thanks for the input! :grin:

How long do you guys have a dome cover on seedings?
How often do you water the seedlings? How much?

Just keep soil moist and if you are using a dome just keep inside misted. Right now there is very little work other than containing your excitement lol. Best of luck set to follow along.


If you dome your seedings water way less and then you have to “harden off” your seeding.

Harden off: to move some an hour a day every day so your seeding gets used to the environment. By day 8 hour 8 your seedling should be strong enough that it won’t need the dome anymore.

With any seedling/young sapling little goes a long way because the roots are small. Few drops of water goes a long way.

Holes in top of a water bottle or a dropper will help you get the water where it needs without overwatering.

When in doubt KISS :call_me_hand:t3:


Personally I only dome until the seedling breaks ground. Then I let it go under the lights.
Its just what works for me. There are some who never use the dome at all.
In a solo cup I dont water until it feels really light. The plant is really resilient and the roots will find water.


While it is true the roots will find water, by doming it and misting you’re allowing the plant to feed through their stomata’s and they grow faster than just relying on undeveloped root system. But everyone has their own ways that work and are comfortable with.


Thanks you lot for the info :blush: all of it was helpful… I have been watching them grow but #3 isn’t growing maybe a slow bloomer
Yes @anon89489555 everyone is different and have their own ways it’s great!! :blush:

Okay I was meant to send this last night but I fell asleep during haha

just took photos of them lastnight

#:one: That high!! :joy::arrow_down:

I am going to give my plants names @scylents haha


When they go to larger pots are they staying in the peat pots? If yes, you may want to put some slits in the side of the pots now so you don’t injure the roots later. It helps break down the pots and give the roots a chance to escape.