3 weeks since I flipped to flower

Well this is my first time growing and I am glad I have made it this far what do you think do far. These are blueberry feminized


Plants look great , keep up the good work.

Looking good man!! You’re officially “in flower” now!
Most people don’t count those first 2 weeks or so of transition as being “in flower”. At this point the fun really begins.
Every day when you open the tent the smell will be stronger and the buds will be bigger!!!

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Thanks alot

Thank you

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If you can get the temps into the mid 60s after lights off you might bring out the color quicker and stronger.
Some phenos will turn that purple color without it but if you can get temps good and low it’ll really bring it out…

@Tylersays with light on my temp stays about 74 and rh about 56 and with lights out my temp goes to 64 and rh stays the same

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I hope you don’t count those first 3 weeks as flowering time , start now from the photo taken as week one and 6 weeks you’ll harvest will be right in the sweet spot , nice keep doing what you doing , they are looking great :+1:!

looking good