3 weeks into flowering help!

Im 3 weeks into flowering an just noticed sacks are going on 1 of the plants any info on what that means?


image image

Those appear to be “nanners”, when they open they emit pollen.

Many folks try to pluck them as they appear with some success. I just toss the plant when this happens.

Also, check for light leaks or indicator lights on power strips, sensors, etc. That can cause your plants to hermie.


Get it out of the tent quickly. Don’t wanna contaminate the others. It looks like it hermed. Either remove completely or trash. Not worth your headache

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I also have a Hermes but my plant is a lot more advanced than your pics so I’m going to save mine as for pulling your plant i don’t know I caught mine early and i only have two plants in tent

and there’s no way I’d pull a plant that healthy because of a few male flowers thats my opinion

Another thing I’d like to say to thoes who said put it get it out of the tent straight away I’ve got a few girls back over the years you have to look at the plant and analyse whats going on you can’t just make a general statement like that. If you had 10 or 20 plants ok but with just 2 you got to at least try it can be done

and that’s her still a girl still got about 3- 4 weeks.to go :crossed_fingers:

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