3 weeks into flower


A question from a fellow grower:

HELP!!! Went into my grow tent today and noticed yellow spots on the leaves, what is causing this and what do I need to do about it? Also noticed that some of the tips of the leaves are curling down. Plant has been flowering for about 3 weeks, can you please tell me what I need to do so that I don’t lose my harvest


Nothing - you are in the middle stage of flower (early, middle, late) Maybe some light defoliation to remove leaves that are blocking the light (fan leaves) and use a nutrient that has a high “P”. what are you other concerns?


Do you watch your ph levels, and cannabis naturally takes nutes from fan leaves while flowering. Could be normal. If ph is bad it could block out nutes. But they look healthy so it’s probably just the stage there in. With out more info It’s hard to say. Beautiful flowers, :grinning::grinning:


If anything up your potassium, it looks like she is starting a slight deficiency of potassium, yellow spots in the leaves are usually due to potassium deficiency, leaves shouldnt start dying off until week 6- week 7, otherwise leaves curling down is normal at that she in flower. She will need to have higher P-K than N ratio to help buds form big and healthy