3 weeks into flower!

Heres my plant 3 weeks since flipping to 12-12, Had to buy some Sensi Bloom A&B since i never fed it any Flowering nutrients

Using 2 200W lights
Random bag seed
Temps are 77-80 throught the day and night
Humidity is 30-50 throughout the whole day
Bought some bamboo sticks for the plant to keep it straight up
Bought some element xx from my hydroponic store its some calcium

How long should i wait to chop? was thinking about 4-5 more weeks :slight_smile:


She looks really good! Nice job :+1:

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Nice fat budz for only 3 weeks. Looks good to me!!! :heart_eyes: :sunglasses:

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Nice looking buds! I’m a few weeks ahead of you

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nice ! i didn’t top sadly:/ gonna be buyin big bud or bud candy tomorrow to feed on my next feeding!

Couple pics from a few days ago

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looking nice what strain is that ?

Green crack from cropking seeds. I bought them before I found this site but they turned out great so far