3 weeks into flower one top cola looks weird

Did this plant get pollinated some how and is now growing seeds? Or is this natural? None of the buds on any of my plants look like this but this one… the ends of the pistons are brown I believe this is because it was pushed up against the led for a few hours a couple of days ago before I raised the light.

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It would be more beneficial if you took a picture of her in natural light.


I can’t be sure, but looks like male flowers forming.


As long as she keeps pushing white pistols, pics are a little deceiving. I am w/ @MrPeat can ya get a pic in natural light? Maybe just female organs swelling, popping pistols look thick :wink: waddaya think @PurpNGold74


Sorry it’s hard for me to get a focused picture:(


Keep any eye on her :wink: what strain?

No clue haha just some seeds I found in my car they could be from a dispensary or old bag seeds. I lost a few seeds I bought I thought this was ak47 but it looks nothing like it so idk.

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Pics still aren’t that clear. Could just be calyxes stacking, or if that bud was against the light, you could have stressed it, causing it to hermy.

TURN OFF the blurple lights and take a clear pic of the cola. Without a clear pic, we can’t really give you a good answer.


Sorry still not the best it’s hard to get it focused on the buds


Post above was meant to reply to you.

I tried, but I really can’t tell. Sorry.

@blackthumbbetty I’m with you I can’t see what is going on. The blur effect.

Those first couple pics scream balls. But not really sure myself looking at the rest. Doesnt look like pistils coming out of the calyx in question does it? If not, those maybe pollen sacs. Hard to be certain. But light stress definitely can hermie a lady out


Really looks like balls to me.

Was there any interruption in your light schedule ? Kinda looks like reveg but hard to tell

im the same as purp, I was so sure at the first two pics, but im getting less and less sure. but id be on mega hermi watch… :grin: looking great though

Sorry about the picture Quality. There was no Interruption in light cycle. Only that top cola resting on the light for couple of hours. So far there’s no change still looks about the same.Is it possible to have Hermied one cola ? because the others look completely normal or would I see signs of hermie all over the plant?
Thanks everyone for the help.

After scrolling through all the pics, I’m 90% sure there’s nothing wrong. But just when I’m almost 100% sure I see something that might be something.

This is where hands on beats the internet.

I’d keep an eye on it.

Try to keep your flowers off the lights. :+1:


yes you can… I have had it and I have heard from on here you can just get one or two male flower on one branch of one plant… :grin:

Just a quick update those weird looking balls just grew into the flower and now it looks completely normal! No sign of hermie