3 weeks into flower few questions

Im 3 weeks into flowering today i notice 2 leaves looks like something was eating not sure whats thats about also top half of the plants looks happy while the bottom half is droopy. Just watered about 3 days ago any ideas?

Yeah that kinda looks like something is doing a drive tbru order. I can’t remember what brand of chemical is used to treat Aphids and whatnot. But these two growers do. It may also be leaves rubbing together. :+1:

@Covertgrower and @Myfriendis410


image image


Yea i was completely lost i was thinking it was a spider or something since i found a web next to the pot lol thank you

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Its still real early in the morning. They will ask for a picture in natural lighting and or use your phone with a flash on. This will give a better view of the plant.

She definitely needs a little trim of the fan leaves so light can penetrate into the middle and lower parts of thenplant.


captain jacks dead bug. Will treat aphids and mites.