3 weeks and 3 days old. Not growing bigger

My plant has been sprouted for 3 weeks and 3 days. And it is stuck at this size and looking unwell. This is blue cheese auto flower. I’ve been giving it 24 hour light. Any advice? Is this normal?

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No, it looks over watered to me.

Do you think it has a chance to rebound?

A few questions? It looks real small for its age. :sunglasses:

What type of soil are you using? Doesn’t look loose and grainy. Need good draining and not a lot of water all the time. Just spray bottle wetting at a seedling.

What type of light are you using? At 24 H cycle at 3 weeks your Auto should be much larger and been transplanted by now.

What temp and humidity?

Start there…happy growing!!:sunglasses:

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Rebound is possible with proper light and less water. Let it dry out a bit and hope for the best! :sunglasses:


I have attached pictures of the soil and light I’m using. House temperature is 71 degrees. It sprouted 48 hours after planting in soil. Not sure on humidity. I know it should have been transplanted by now but it seemed to small and fragile to move. Which has prompted me to ask for help :).

Thank you! :relaxed: Do you have light or soil recommendations that you can offer? Links to where I can purchase would be great! M dedicated to getting this right :sunglasses:

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Ok sure, the light you have is probably ok for the seedling stage. BUT it will not work for your grow if you want what we all want. Having said that I HIGHLY recommend IGLM Bible. You can DL it from the site. It has all the answers you will ever need

Real quick for you situation- I would get a 30-40 watt LED bulb, the pigtail type, and put it 2-3 inches from your plant and leave it! Don’t water it unless it crumbling. Just get a spray bottle and spritz the plant twice a day if it recovers here soon! Transplanting-At that point with light you will need a good LED, recommend , BUT there are many options, just not the one you showed. Sorry. :sunglasses:. 100watt LED FULL Spectrum is what I use successfully with small grows.

Soil, there are many. You can make your own with different additives. There are many soils made and packaged for good results we want. I use FOX Farm. Love it. Hope this helps a bit. Many ways to approach it.

Happy growing!:sunglasses:


I see a couple of things. The coco contains nutrients Feed plants up to 4 months
This is usually not a desirable feature in cannabis growing mediums.
Usually perlite is added to coco to increase oxygen and to lighten the soil.
Coco can get pretty dense when watered which I suspect is not the best for seedlings.
If the coco is saturated let it dry out a couple of days. Water sparingly an inch away from the stem. Maybe around 50ml. Does the pot have holes in the bottom? The trick with coco is to not let it dry completely or too much. It can become hydrophobic.
If you get it over this hurdle and it starts growing, you will need a different light in a couple weeks. If not sooner.
Good luck


Welcomed to the community @Shaylee1987 don’t worry here you find a lot of help with expert and friends

I see couples of problems like over watering stress and soil nute to much for seedling and light is not good for veg and flowering stage

Recommended: happy frog soil for sprout, seedling, veg. and flowering stages

Tent if is only one plant you run good with 2x2x6 depending you pot zide, example 5 gl pots can grown 5’ tall

Light any fullspetrum with 150w
You had mars hydro, vivosu, vipaspetra,hlg
All for lest of 200$

PH meter, fans and nutrients

And you get some beautiful plants and healthy without problems

Happy growing🤘

100% agree with all have posted above, i have nothing to add, follow there tips and advice. Your soil is the reason you have dis coloring, and light might be while it’s twisting. If its not to hot try maybe to lower that light a little. And definitely try to get more cannabis friendly soil when you transplant. A good oh pen and tds meter are a most but you have some time before you need them. Keep us posted and best of luck

Thank you everyone. I have some different soil and lights that will be here tomorrow, and another seed germinating. You have all been super helpful!!