3 Week old Ak47

First-time grower here. Her leaves have been looking very droopy compared to others in the tent. I topped her Yesterday. I hope it’s ok. Did I do it correctly? Or is the issue something else?

Other plant for comparison


You did it right and she’s looking good. Give her a few days and you’ll see lots of new growth. Happy growing!

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Thank you :pray:

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Welcome to the neighborhood :grinning: She is doing fine and dandy.

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The AK47 is a very hardy and fast growing auto, yours looks on par… maybe a little nutrient rich just by the look of the leaves. Here an auto AK47 at the end of week 2 veg for comparison :love_you_gesture:


Looking great. Welcome to this crazy, fun place. The folks here are awesome and will help you.

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AK-47 is hard to kill. :+1::+1::+1: