3 tents, one beginner :O


For better experience for reading my mistakes: Mac Miller Ft. Wiz Khalifa - "Keep Floatin" (CDQ) - YouTube

I consider myself as beginner besides that I already did 3 indoors and one outdoor. I’m now confident enough to start sth bigger but I don’t want to do it alone.

So I have boxes 3’x3’; 2’x2’ and 1’x1’ I’m planning to use marshydro 960 in biggest one the second will get marshydro 480 and the smallest one gets 100W LED lamp (don’t remember the name and too lazy to check it). The ventilation is 340 cubic meters per hour and for 2 smaller I’m running 100 cubic meters per hour. (Is it ok to use 100m3/h for that 2’x2’x63"? I have already some troubles with getting heat out) Using coco with 10% perlit and BioTabs pack as fertillizer. Lamps will be set on max and pH I’m currently changing to ~5,8. (Second question, for organic/bio fertillizers I heard that pH should be a little higher also producer says that there is no need to check pH or ppm, I’m confused, some says pH 5,5-6,0 some says that they have good results with pH 6,3 in coco and the producer totally nailed it).

So I started with dumping seeds into tap water for no more than 24h or until they sink to the bottom. After that I place them on moist paper towel until they develop at least half an inch root.
And now we can introduce my ladies from RQS. I want to place 9 plants in biggest one 4 in smaller and skunk in the smallest. The rest I want to give to good friend of mine. I have Royal Ak47 x10 + Royal Bluematic x3 (2 didn’t show any root after those 24 hours in water) + Royal Jack x5 and 2x Skunk - all seeds are feminised and autos beside Skunk which is my first feminised seed.

After a few days I placed them in pots into inch deep holes and just 3 days later they thrive!

Also I found a mutant, I’m curious how will he grow.

Unfortunately I bumped into some troubles (of course caused by my stoned ass) I have already solved it here: I need help with new life :( - #13 by WickedAle

Some pics from 15 minutes ago:

I’m planning to update this grow weekly, and I hope it will end up tasty with your help :smiley:


That’s my set from above. I also forgot to tell that I’m trying to reamin constant 73F but mostly it is around 77F sometimes even 80F. RH - 60%.


Hi , good looking plant .Nice to see someone with almost at the same light as me (i have a mars hydro 960w reflector and a 480w reflector + a cheapo 1200w led ) and starting a grow at the same time. I am at my second indoor grow too


Hi, awsome that you have similar set up and starting at similar time, you should also set a growblog, I would definitely check it from time to time and guys here are very helpful so it’s easier to handle everything not alone :smiley:

I did check it out
My grow

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if they get too stretchy…use pipe cleaners form a loop and stuff in ground

I have never heard about this way. I know that if plants are getting strechy they are leting u know that they want to reach more light translation: lower the lamp.

For your reading pleasure I recommend today sth like this: SoulChef - Living In The Moment (feat. Awon) - YouTube

I’m happy that thanks to you guys my ladies bounced back and they are growing healthy and strong. I already fed them 2 times with 1/4 dose of fertilizer and 1/2 Cal-Mag dose, Ph is around 5,9 and the ladies that looked the worst i fed with only pHed water and 1/4 Cal-Mag. I’m strugling with temp. which is about 30C at day and 26C at night but I can solve this problem only in week or two…

These are my favourite:

Here is the rest

And they have some troubles but getting stronger:

I couldn’t sleep so I took some pics
That’s the biggest grow

This is skunk XL in feet by feet tent

This is comparission with correction and without

That one I like the most

And a few more

god I’m stoned XD

I dunno why but the skunk picture is the last one.

song: Inteus - Body Language - YouTube
Today is their 5th week so a few of my aoutos started to flower but some are still growing, my enviroment is constantly changing into good conditions and you can see on my pictures how important it is to control your temps or ventilations.

So I didn’t change much, I’m feeding them only when the top layer of coco is dry with 100% dose of nutrients and Cal-Mag only pH: 6,0. I did some LST trainign but they are so bushy that i wonder how to manage those top leaves constantly taking light from their smaller bros. Also I noticed that for 2 days some of top leaves are strangly curling. Maybe u guys can help.

Tent 3x3 (jacks+AK+bluematic):

Skunk XL:

Tent 2x2 (only AK):

I’m sorry I didn’t make any updates lately, my life is on rollercoaster now and I have a bit more important stuffs to deal with than updates, I will try to make a short but comprehensive harvest post.