3 Strains - 1 Crop NOOB GROW - Gold Leaf, Super Silver Haze, White Widow

Indoor From Feminized Seeds - LED Lighting with VEG/BLOOM switches
2x Gold Leaf
2x Super Silver Haze
3x White Widow

I used the lights with both veg/bloom for these seedlings.

Lights on veg only until bloom

Gold Leaf and Super Silver Haze


Look at this!!! White Widow

To Be Continued!..

PH 6.7
Soil Moisture Monitored:


I have read the same. I believe a little mist on occasion can’t hurt can it? I do most watering at the soil and not directly hitting the plant. Water is grow room temp. I added a little nitrogen last feeding. Gonna let it dry after today I think. They seem happy, but what do I know?

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Welcome to ILGM! They all look pretty happy to me. @WickedAle beat me to it on the spaying. If your grow environment is where it should be, and the roots are kept happy, I feel foliar spraying is unnecessary unless there’s a problem and you’re applying a solution to said problem. And I want to say those that use foliar feeding/spraying do so near lights out, if memory serves…but, for the record, it usually doesn’t :v: :joy:


Looks like a great start good luck with your grow!!! Welcome!!

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I will never post a pic of my plants with water on them again lol… I may have to remove the offending images.

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Nah, not a big deal, we’re all just trying to help.

Updated 2019 06 10 - Do they look happier after a week no water on the leaves?

They look great!!!


Hopefully they are right on track for a good harvest. I check in on them and make sure the air is good in the room.and that the soil is breathing properly. I think I made a pretty good first batch of soil and I did something pretty cool that seems to work well, I integrated a soil moisture monitor right into the bucket so it gets readings at the optimal space near the roots. We will see what the data shows over time. It looks like keeping the soils moisture percentage in the teens which amounts to about a pint of water a day which I give them after they are up for a little bit. I keep light on them 20 hours per day which is 2200 watts led - however less with the bloom switch off. Do I need to think about trimming some of the lower branches yet?

Welcome we learn from our mistakes and from mistakes of others: i would leave them up so other readers that may not know can realize. Just my opinion grow looks excellent :eyes:

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How will I know if I should trim the lower branches? These two Super Silver Haze plants are much bushier than the other strains.

These 3 very different looking plants are all White Widow. One is short, one is tall, and one shot off in two different directions early on!

After a couple more weeks with some extra nitrogen


Switch to bloom a few days ago… do we look healthy?


Looks good to me! :+1:

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Check them out now!!! They started exploding overnight! So amazing to watch. I can’t wait to see how big they get!!


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Since I made the light cycle change to 12/12 and set the lights bloom switch to on (giving the nice red glow as well as adding significant heat to the room which was mitigated right away, these plants grew inches overnight. I also started adding a minimal amount of Scott’s Super Bloom which is 12-55-6 NPK to their water. They seem to be doing well on it and no signs of chemical burn, drought condition, or otherwise. No pests but the occasional fly but they are everywhere! 7 Plants taking approximately 2 gallons total of water a day. Humidity is a constant 53% and temperature stays a good 68.2F. Lot’s of air and 2000W of LEDs. Mylar seems to be working wonders as well… all those side buds seem to be starting to pop but what do I know? I really hope this crop yields enough to get me through the winter :slight_smile:

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Set to watching good luck with them

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watching! they look amazing.

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Upgraded light rail - glides smooth and I can now move lights with ease
Installed ceiling fan which has mitigated extra heat from red LEDs during flowering

I took out all my plants to clean their room then took the photo op and documented height :slight_smile: All seeds were from ILGM (and 100% germination rate so far - 1st grow) - I did not trim or train much. Focusing on water and air and making sure they just look happy. This is one thing I never mentioned before that I think may make a difference. Apparently the chlorine in public water can harm beneficial bacteria/fungi in the soil. Just learned this yesterday. Turns out I have been using filtered water since day 1 so I’m good. I guess if you have a well, you’re good as well.

Plant I - Gold Leaf

Plant II - Gold Leaf

Plant III - Super Silver Haze

Plant IV - Super Silver Haze

Plant V - White Widow

Plant VI - White Widow

Plant VII - White Widow

Let me know if I’m missing anything! Peace!


Just some up close photos

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